Some readers will already have heard of my ginger cat, Uti. For those that have not read about him before, he was purchased from a pet shop at a far too early age, not house trained at all, had no hygiene skills etc. when he came to me. He had no idea how to dig holes to use for his toilet purposes (and still doesn’t really know what to do) and makes very loud slurps when he washes himself.

I have worked on him for his fear of thunder, his inability to eat premium cat food (he used to have permanent diarrhoea) and his basic self confidence – all with success using EFT.

We have recently moved from a complex (townhouses) in the city of Johannesburg) to a large piece of land in Hartbeespoort. It is a bush-like area with large pieces of land and you cannot easily see your neighbour’s houses.

In the past Uti would be extremely cautious leaving the house… checking for who knows what (I am sure Uti knew what he was checking for) and generally not being venturesome at all.

When we moved here he appeared to have a personality makeover. He became Action Cat. He was the first one to use the cat flap in and out (they have not had to use a cat flap before)… he explored the land, the other side of the road, down the road, under the culvert… he was Out There, showing the other five cats how it was done.

He was so proud of himself – being a trail blazer, doing things the others wouldn’t or couldn’t do. What a change for him!

Then… tragedy struck.

Our cat door has different settings and unbeknown to me the person who does our house cleaning inadvertently moved the setting key when she was cleaning the mud off the cat flap and in doing so stopped the cats from being able to get in from the outside (they wear magnets on their collars). We have a ‘racoon proof’ door to keep out the monkeys.

At 3am we heard screaming and wailing and rushed to see what was going on. We had to find the key to open the door and let in poor Uti who rushed in, bleeding profusely, panting and in total shock. Something had bitten him that was small enough to come through the cat sized hole in the wall and he was unable to push open the flap and escape.

We examined him and found a largish bite mark on one of his back feet. I put a drop of lavender essential oil on it and we put Uti on the bed to calm him down.

I immediately lay there and did surrogate EFT for Uti on and off throughout the rest of the night. I also did EFT on me for the guilt I felt that this trusting cat could not get in through the door.

The next day he lay on the bed, licking his wound and basically doing nothing. He limped badly if I put him on the floor and he hid behind some packing boxes for the rest of the day. That night he lay on our bed right next to me and did not move off the bed at all. I did more EFT on him for healing the wound, that he was a brave cat etc.

He continued to lie around and lick the wound and not do much else.

The following day I was out walking and wondering what else I could do for Uti when this big cloud of sadness came over me and I got tears in my eyes. He was a failure… he was depressed because he had ‘failed’ yet again. Everything he did was a failure… he couldn’t dig holes, couldn’t wash himself properly, slurped when he washed himself… and now this. He was a total failure now he had gotten bitten. None of the other cats had gotten bitten. Only Uti the Failure.

I did several rounds of EFT on him, working on Even though I feel like a failure I am a great cat… Even though I got bitten I am a trail blazing action cat… Even though I failed again I didn’t really fail as I now have a ‘war wound’ to show for myself and I am still a great cat.

I tapped on myself saying I am an action cat… I have war wounds to show for my bravery… I am a great cat… the other cats didn’t go outside like I did… I am a trail blazing cat… I am Uti the Action Cat… I can be a day Action Cat – I don’t have to go out at night if I don’t want to… nobody goes out at night… and felt a huge sigh.

I came back home and found Uti and stroked him and told him he was still our Action Cat… he was the bravest cat we had…

About an hour later I was working at my PC when I felt a cat brushing and bumping around my legs to say hello. I absent-mindedly patted the cat and then realised it was Uti! No limping! Purring around me as usual!

I stopped work and petted him and hugged him and told him what a fantastic Action Cat he was… he seemed very happy and he went and ate some biscuits without limping. Then he hopped up on a chair and went to sleep in a normal position not all hunched up.

He has gone from strength to strength… no more limping… swelling in his foot totally gone (also his front foot was swollen and that has gone down and is healing nicely) and he is now running about like he used to. Today I saw him across the road again with two of the other cats following him!

So once again, a big thank you to EFT – no vet visit, no drugs pumped into his system, emotionally healed as well as physically healed.

Uti the Action Cat takes a bow!

Author's Bio: 

For many years I have been interested in the welfare of animals, companion animals and especially farm animals. Being vegetarian for over 45 years and vegan for nearly 10, I felt drawn to helping those that had no voice.

Several years ago, I discovered EFT, when I found I had breast cancer. EFT helped me tremendously to solve the emotional issues that I had rationalized many years before, issues that I thought were resolved but as I found with using EFT, were not!

I decided to train further and found I had great empathy for animals. I tried EFT on my own cats for various issues and was amazed how quickly the issues were resolved! I tried EFT on other animals… I was surprised to find that I had success with them!

I then decided that I didn’t want to do this... it was too strange, too weird, but with some pushing from my EFT teacher I continued to expand my knowledge about surrogate energy healing.

At this time I was also expanding my human EFT practice and was having wonderful success.

I now teach humans how to use EFT – on themselves and on their animals – and hold regular training courses in Johannesburg. I also have many international clients (human and animal!) and communicate with them by phone, Skype and e-mail. That is one of the many great things about using EFT… you don’t have to be there in person, face to face. Although face to face works great too!

You can read much more about EFT and how I work with EFT on the Stuff Busters web site.