Whether you’re single, married or dating - no matter what the status of you’re relationship, no doubt the tool of Visualizing will change your life - it has mine. Over, and over, and over again (it works wonders when I’m in an argument with my love).

Visualizing is one of the most powerful things that you can do to create change and bridge your reality over to the place of your dreams. Dating the wrong men? In an unhappy relationship? Is your marriage suffering? Are you simply feeling dried up and exhausted? Not only has this done wonders for me in my love life, but I can look at other important things in my life - changing careers, giving important presentations at work, working to get in shape at the gym, and even a most recent television appearance - and the success of these all were the result of a common denominator: Visualizing.

Years ago when I was between boyfriends, a very wise & savvy friend and I were talking about love and live, and she struck a chord with me when she asked me to ‘feel in’ to what I wanted in a relationship. ‘Picture in your mind the two of you hanging out - what are you doing together?’ Then I was even more blown away when she again asked me to feel in to (through a Vision - a picture in my mind) things like the way we communicated - to identify what the feeling-tone was of that - fiery? Clear? Soft & cozy? Expansive & accepting?

Months before I met my husband, I surprised myself when I was talking with producers of the reality show, “How To Get The Guy’ that was being filmed in San Francisco (now that’s a story for another time) , and in our discussion it came to my awareness that I had held this Vision in my mind of my future husband and I having black & white photographs hung in our hallway, particularly of us with our baby. Now, I wasn’t a girl who had lots of specifics as to details of what her future life would look like, but that image popped up and had served - in some ways unbeknownst to me - as a guide post as I dated. Today Larry and I do have some black and whites of us hung in our hallway, and I smile as I connect the dots back to my Vision.

Another very powerful personal example on Visioning : I spent time one weekend by myself - my first trip with no companion and not work-related - walking the beach in Del Mar, CA and soaking up the gorgeous hotel and pool I was staying at. I journaled, I walked , I shopped - it was a healing time for me after a relationship ended and I had left a job to pursue a coaching career. I walked the beach every day and visualized my future life - specifically my future husband and marriage. I felt into (via a vision) our communication, how we spent time, the energy of him - and of us. Unbeknownst to Larry, he proposed to me on that very beach, under the Moonlight, less than 2 years later (but who was counting?). This still gives me the chills and sweetly reminds me how we live in a magical Universe, if we can only remember to see it that way and Believe.

I’m so passionate about this powerful tool and I teach my clients to use it successfully in their own lives. It’s so simple, it can be quick and it’s *Free* to boot. What more could you love about a tool that expands your reality and allows your dreams to unfold, seemingly effortlessly, with regular use?

Here’s some steps to the “How”:

1. Choose a Visioning medium that comes most easiest for you to ensure regular use & success. Is it playing a ‘mind movie’? Is it making a Vision box or board? Is it writing it down? Maybe all three - but whatever you do, decide to do it, begin, and tap into it regularly - even for just a minute or two.

2. You must shut down your thinking/ego mind while you’re doing this. That’s the mind that has you perhaps looking to poke holes in this concept, to censure what you’re visioning, to tell you you’re doing it ‘wrong’. THERE IS NO WRONG WAY. Trust your inner guidance.

3. Get yourself into a relaxed state for a few minutes before you begin steps 1 and 2. Listen to a favorite song first, laugh at a funny show or joke, move your body. Get your energy flowing downstream to open up creativity and connect to your inner navigation system - your heart & energy system - that connects easily to Truth and the magical Universe.

4. Believe and set intention that application of this tool will indeed bring abundance and desired end-results to you and your life. Use this tool regularly - a focused minute or so is all you need - and watch the magic unfold.

Author's Bio: 

Leslie Stewart is an expert on love and relationship, and specializes in mentoring women to live fully and authentically, creating relationships and lives of their dreams. Leslie has created life-changing programs for women who are looking to reconnect with their authentic selves and create a bridge between their reality and their desires. Leslie's love and life experiences are the foundation of her wisdom and work, and she also integrates over twelve years of corporate work, a degree in Psychology, training at the renown Coaches Training Institute. Visit Leslie at http://www.BeLoveSavvy.com/blog/ for more inspiration and advice. Leslie lives in San Francisco with her great love and husband, Larry - and 5 future dogs!