When my wife Athena was working outside of the home we would meet at her office to go have lunch together. One particular day she was away from her desk when I arrived and I had a feeling she wouldn't be back for 5 or 10 minutes.

I spied a small packet of yellow sticky notes on her desk and went to work. I wrote about a dozen short messages and quickly hid them all throughout her cubicle. On one, I wrote "I love you" and I stuck it in her rolodex under the letter L.

I hid one under her water bottle, inside the phone cradle, in her candy dish and several more in out of the way locations. I even hid a note in the paper station of her printer so when it was time to replace the paper she would find it there. On her message pad I went down a few pages and wrote a message To: Athena, From: Your Best Friend, Message: Missing you - come home soon.

Several days each week she would let me know she had discovered one of her notes. She found most of them before she quit her job. I think there were still a couple for her replacement to find. Hope they make her day.

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