Many people get chill(s) such as "cold" chills or "shuddering" chill which will be addressed in a future article . What we are talking about here is..................

Have you ever felt a "chill" or "chills" where it feels like a current of energy has gone through you for a moment or two? You hear a great song or you are talking to someone, hear "truth," and a rush of energy comes through you and your whole body feels the tingling surge. The feeling is amazing and "good."

Most everyone I have surveyed has felt a chill or chills for a moment, and most immediately forgot they experienced it. It happens again and again to people over time and is forgotten. So what are these chill surges?

To me, when the chill(s) are felt in this manner, a person's energy system (chakra system) is opened for a brief moment and a connection to the great spirit, the holy spirit, your angels, and the divine is established. You get "in tune" with the eternal life force, even for just a moment.

I have learned to use the chill(s) energy to help myself and others, I can feel the chill(s) on my request and do not have to wait for a happenstance occurance. The chill(s) energy moves through me as I ask for help, and if I am helping someone else, I channel the energy out of my body towards that person.

It is similar to a prayer, but with the additional surge of positive a chill(s) feeling. My channeling of this chill energy has helped people who have had various ailments many times in easing their pains.

Note that what happens depends on what is in the highest good for a person. It might not be in a person's highest be relieved from an ailment or situation. But maybe it is! Sometimes good things happen which might not otherwise have happened, just by asking for help! When I ask for help for myself or someone else, I believe the great spirit or divine comes in and helps in some manner.

While I prefer direct touch in channeling the chill(s) energy, I have learned that I do not have to touch someone directly. DISTANCE DOES NOT MATTER ! The chill(s) energy can be directed to someone miles away from me. I do not have to see someone, in person, for the channeling to occur.

Now there are many different energy workers who help people and are wonderful. Most require "hands on" energy work, such as Reichi. To the best of my knowledge, their energy work does not relate to the chill(s) energy except for a very special lady I know who does body energy work and home clearing energy work. The chill(s) direct her when a body or home needs help ( please feel free to ask more about her.)

Imagine the possibilities if this chill energy could help all of us? Imagine what 3 or 4 people could do directing this energy to a person in pain? The chill(s) energy is a new (old) undeveloped frontier. Is this a spiritual phenomenon we have been ...............BLIND.............. to?


So, if you need help--please e-mail me describing the situation you are in and what help you would like and please leave a phone # in case I need to contact you. Reasonable requests only, please.

This offer is free for the first few times. Please realize I can not respond immediately to e-mails, but will as soon as possible.

If you have had any experiences with the "chills" I would like to know them.
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How I learned about the chill(s) energy?

Are there different meanings to the word(s) chill(s)and are there different types of chill(s) such as "cold" chills or "shuddering" chills?

Can you get chill(s) from people who have passed away?

What do people in general think the chill(s) are?

What do people in different religions think about the chill(s)?

What are chakras? Does it matter if your energy field is open or not? How do we open our energy field more?

Do the chill(s) vary in intensity?

Can the chill(s) help manifest peace, prosperity, and good health?

Can the chill(s) energy heal someone completely?

Why is this phenomenon so unknown?

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Don Wadington MBA
Many years of Chill energy help for people.