What I Ache For

I wrote this powerful prayer many, many years ago when I felt trapped in a life that was not my own. Today, I am happy to say, just about all of this prayer has come true, and I am blessed with my authentic, beautiful life! Be careful what you ache for...

I ache to be wanted instead of needed,
I ache for my eyes to be met and held for more than a split second,
I ache for a strong, silent hug that doesn't let go in such a hurry,
I ache to be seen through the eyes of one's soul instead of one's head,
I ache to touch and be touched with uninhibited passion and honesty,
I ache for my heart to touch another's,
I ache for my heart to be touched by another,
I ache to share moments without words, yet know Love is speaking,
I ache to sing my heart out,
I ache to move my body and dance the spirit within me with abandon,
I ache to speak what's in my heart without judgment, ridicule or misunderstanding,
I ache for a kiss that touches my soul and not just my lips,
I ache to laugh like a child,
I ache to cry like a chid,
I ache to connect,
I ache to make love to a whole person; body, mind, and spirit,
I ache to be ached for,
I ache to know that everything I ache for is okay and normal and healthy,
I ache to share the beauty, wonder, and magic of my soul with one who can love it, not fear it,
I ache to be loved for being authentic and real,
I ache for these truths to be shared and lived out by anyone and everyone who's feeling the same ache.
I ache to live uniquely,
I ache for the courage to be set free,
I ache for God to show me how.

copyright 2008 Heather Fraser

Author's Bio: 

Heather Fraser is a writer in Ontario, Canada who has come to understand the meaning of her life as an expression of the sacred and the soul of everyday living. For more information you can visit her website at www.sacredscribe.com