The quality of our drinking water is extremely important to our health because our body is made up of more than 70% water. If our body is forced to filter out chlorine and other toxic chemicals then not only will our body's ability to carry out toxins be compromised but we also put unnecessary stress on our liver and kidneys that have to work much harder to detoxify our bodies. Overtime, an excess of toxic chemicals can damage or destroy these precious filtering organs.

Water contamination causes are varied. We need to realize that everything that goes down our drains, on our lawns, on our agricultural fields or into the environment can wind up in the water we drink. Chemicals such as chlorine, lead, herbicides, pesticides and a host of other contaminants is commonly found in our water supplies, and in many bottled waters. These trace levels of water-borne chemicals have been documented to have adverse health effects on humans, and especially on small children.

It is important for the public to realize the extent or impact of these low level, synthetic chemicals in our water supplies. While the standard use in our society of over 80,000 different synthetic chemicals has led to added convenience and productivity in our lives, these come at a tremendous price... drastic increases in degenerative disease and other serious health conditions.

Bottled water can give no assurance of pure and healthy water either because there are no government standards that require bottled water to be any better quality than tap water. In March of 1999, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) released a report called "Bottled Water, Pure Drink or Pure Hype?" This report points out that that 60% to 70% of all bottled water is completely exempt from the FDA's bottled water standards, because it is bottled and sold within the same state. Unless the water is transported across state lines, there are no federal regulations that govern its quality. This is quite alarming.

According to Eric Olsen, of the Natural Resources Defense Council, "The realization that bottled water is seldom of higher quality than tap water has caused a major shift in public opinion." It causes millions of plastic bottles to be manufactured, transported and then disposed of in U.S. landfills, it's killing our planet, and for no good reason..."

So how can we be sure our drinking and bathing water is pure and free of toxins? I believe that a quality home water treatment appliance is the best investment we can make for the health of our families. The quality of the water, including scientific proof that it actually removes the toxic chemicals should be the determining factor of which water purification and filtration system is best.

I believe our household water should be pure and pristine, free of chemicals, like it was before the influences of our modern civilization. I also believe it is important that we don't filter out the natural trace minerals that our important to our health. I have researched many types of water filtration and purification systems and the determining factor for me was finding a system that removes the chemicals and toxins from the water. They also had to be able to prove to me the quality of their filtration process with scientific testing results instead of marketing hype.

I use the Aquasana's water filtration systems because their systems are proven to filter out contaminants better than any other home water filtration product. Third-party performance testing was done under strict industry guidelines. The Aquasana's water filtration system was intentionally tested under more challenging conditions than those used by their competitors in order to document its superior capabilities under even the most extreme conditions. Also, Aquasana's special filtering process allows the healthy trace minerals to stay intact. So it takes out what you don't want and keep's in what you do want.

For more information on the benefits of Healthy Water and the benefits of a high quality water filtration and purification system, please visit my website article "How Healthy is Your Water?"

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