At the empowerment center we have created in NYC, called Children of Light, we are focused on resolving the inner wounded approach to life that we have all known in varying degrees.

We focus on two primary ways to accomplish this. The first is to become aware of the unmet needs that took place in our formational years – based on the lack of education and modeling that came from Mom and Dad. This is not about blame. It is about finding out how to now discover what our authentic needs have always well as how to go back and resolve the wounded feelings that came from these missing pieces of our early lives.

The second piece that we focus on most fully is how to take advantage of the remarkable energetic accelerations and shifts that have begun to take place on the planet in the most recent decades. This time holds the potential to be the most empowering shift of personal evolution we have ever known.

However, we all need a deeper education about how to work with the changing energies, so that we can grow beyond our habitual defense and separation into much more of our personal potential.

I am sharing this particular article to introduce an awareness of what is going on specifically in the first four months of 2008 - so that you can take advantage of the possibilities in your own life.

I will begin by sharing that 2008 is a year of preparing the ground energetically in our lives and bodies for the birth of much more of our human potential - a direct connection to our very souls.

This year is specifically about looking with tremendous compassion at our lives and then letting go of what we discover no longer that we can prepare the space for the more fulfulling choices, behaviors and experience that are waiting to awaken from within.

This will be a most unusual year. In many ways it will change reality as we experience it.

One of the primary factors that will be affecting us all is a movement that only takes place every 26000 years on our planet –a move into the Photon Belt of energy. This is one of the primary energies causing the unprecented shifts we see all around us. It is the highest level of energy that we can integrate and still stay in the physical.

This Photon Belt is just starting to have its profound impact on each one of us, as we touch the edge of it in this year.
The first four months of 2008, will specifically start to reveal the influence of that energy.

First, an overview:
JANUARY was a time of SURRENDER in many way (with an encouragement to let go of that which no longer serves - spiritually, mentally and emotionally)

FEBRUARY has been a time of moving into the new energetic space that was emptied and prepared in January’s surrender

MARCH will be a time of Transmutation, where we will be shifting elements of our old reality into new creative POSSIBILITIES

APRIL will then be a Transformation, where new MANIFESTING will take place, based on the preparation of the first three months.

As we focus on January, the encouragement was to allow the surrendering needed to move out of density, fear and defensive separation in our lives – based on the influence of the photon belt and it’s higher levels of energy.

This first began to transform the mental body, helping you move from merely a thought process into more of a KNOWING experience. This evolution requires a continual clearing of your individual mental bodies. Old core beliefs were triggered to the surface. Old ways of seeing things through limitation were challenged.

Collective humanity is being upleveled in many new ways in this year. This will cause much shake up. You may find a lot of indecision as this takes place. There will also be those who have approached life through absolutes, who now work harder to enforce or hang on to what is familar.

This is a time that is challenging all of your ideals and myths. Even advertising may even be influenced. The ways that you have been sold and encouraged to buy into myths will become more extreme as the mental body is challenged. Surrender is something that is only embraced by higher consciousness. The lower mental body will fight if it is not learning to let go gradually by your more evolved choices.

This break down of the mental body showed an increase in Alzheimer's and dementia for some. These diseases are increased if the challenges of the higher energies are not embraced. What happens is that the higher, new energies merely get clogged by the old fearful, dense forms held in the subconscious. This begins to impair the system of the physical body. The imagination was also stimulated in new ways for some. This can eventually result in great new concepts in the world of science and will also take place in your individual lives.

There will also be a change in the way you experience time. Things may seem timeless or even like a dreamstate. Sometimes it will be hard to tell what is reality, based on how you have previously experienced and processed life. At other times, old ideas will seem to weigh you down, as you work through seeing the illusions. This month will reveal tremendous illusions, as you begin to see that “the Emperor is wearing no clothes,” so to speak. This will continue to be revealed in your political process in the Unites States, as an example.

At this time, the emotional body will be surrendering more and more glamours and attachment to things and situations that are simply habitual, but no longer fulfilling. Sometimes you may not even be certain how you feel about some things. As you surrender the mental and emotional in these ways, it will bring up some emptiness, but will also start to solidify your individual sense of Self from within.

Relationships were also challenged in new ways. For those who have been doing the work to dispel illusions, there will be new meaning and purpose in your relationships, even your relationship to yourself.

As more sense of authentic individual Self rises, it will be easier to let go of that which no longer serves the ego defense. However, in the general public, there will be some emotional panic or deadening as they no longer feel what was habitual in the illusions. There will be a growing awareness of the lack of connection and nurturing that has actually been in your relationships. People will oftentimes not know what to do about that.

You will feel more depth of meaning and purpose if you are doing the inner work, with more self-containment. Physically there will be more extremes of behavior, with feelings of emptiness increasing. The extremes will come out of the uncomfortability of not knowing what to expect, as the old familiar is let go.

As you move into the transduction of February, you will become more aware of being IN a new space and filling it with new elements, information and energy. This will be about downloading and filling in the space that you have emptied out in January.

This has been a meditative month in many ways, with most of its focus on inner shifts. The experience will increase of the dreamlike experience. You may feel that you have lost time or have no sense of linear time. It won't seem logical and there may be gaps for many.

When you have an interruption in the thought process and reasoning, at this time you may find a new experience of having a real interruption of your reality. What we mean is that you will not gain the specific solutions and details that you will in the following two months, but you will open to energetically perceive a greater sense of reality, as your soul begins to permeate the new space. You may also feel more sensitive physically. This will take place as you move out of the sensations of resistance.

You will experience less habitual thoughts and resisted feelings and move more fully into direct awareness, IF you have been doing inner healing work to resolve your wounded emotions.
Before now, you have only experienced glimpses of this new way of being. Direct presence will begin to prepare you for more soul connection.

The general population will not approach this with great acceptance. This may create a general shutting down, as the ego tries to figure out what is going on and how to control it all. The empty space may just feel like a pull or vacuum to their old sense of perceiving. They may also feel deeper fears, with some even having panic attacks in their resistance.

Others will experience a kind of ecstasy as the three diaphragms begin to release more fully. It is important that you all work with breath and stretching to keep these three diaphragms open (the throat, solar plexus and sphincter). Again there will be new ideas and some emerging optimism in some areas, as new solutions begin to hint themselves in this new downloading.

This will mostly be a time of potential inspiration and planting new seeds.


As you move into the transmutation of March, you will be in a time of re-working things. You will start to see more clearly how some of the old no longer work, and how you might apply new choices to create new forms. This will be a time of revamping the old. This is not so much a time of completely new manifestations.

Transmutation is more about taking the old and creating something new from it. At this particular time, you will start to see the value in what you actually have already. As you do, you will start to find new ways to make these things work for you.

There can be a time of new resolutions and pathways, as well as inventing new things. Science will grow in this time into new realizations. There will be new approaches to help the environment, as well as healthy conservation. There may even be more meetings on a world level for responding to global warming. There will be new efforts for a unified approach.

There will also be the experience like a wrecking ball on the old forms that truly no longer work, such as old concepts and ideas and attachments. As you allow this, you will find that there have been new things waiting for your choice to let go and prepare a space for the new. So take all that you have and examine how it serves you. As you do, you will realize more fully that there is no good and bad, but rather this is determined by what you do with what you have and how you value what you have.

This can be a time of unique revelation for new ways of creating, as well as greater concern for service to one another. You will start to think more of the WE, rather than the ME.

In some of the extremes of the general population, there may some very destructive forces at work. Extremists will fight to hold on to their agendas, rather than move and heal and evolve. Realize this is a part of the healing process. However, this can be a time of more creativity and peace.


The final month of April, will be a time of transformation when things begin to happen in the outer more fully. The new ideas that have been incubating will be born into form. Set yourself up well, using the first three months to prepare for this time of manifestation. Things will continue to shift from the inner to the outer. Creativity will reach a new peak at this time. Manifestation will become more instantaneous.

So watch what you are focusing on and what you are moving towards. It will also be a time to more powerfully manifest what you focus on in fear as well. The general population will find this confusing and frustrating if they go into deeper fear.

You will evolve more powerfully as you realize that you must take responsibility for what you resonate with and what you choose. If this does not become apparent, people will not seek to shift and change, guided by the fearful agendas of the lower ego defense.

As you reach the midpoint of your potential direct soul connection in 2008, you will most powerfully face the old choices and the new potential. Both sides will meet experientially. The inner and outer are coming together. For those who are doing the inner work, this will become a great opportunity. You will create a greater inner stability. It can be a time when you will feel like you are finally getting some reward or paydirt for the work you have been doing! That will also require a greater level of responsibility, as you begin to consider the power of the soul.

Others will want to run away from what is taking place, not wanting to deal. They will attempt to numb out or deny or blame. This merely reflects how powerless people who are not connected on the inside feel.

Overall, this will be a time to prepare for the even greater forces that will be introduced on your planet as you continue to go through this unprecedented opportunity of planetary and personal Ascension into soul consciousness. And this is some of what you can expect in the first four months of 2008.

If you want more information, please feel free to contact us at Children of Light.
Ron Baker and Robert Baker

Author's Bio: 

Ron Baker is an international teacher, motivational speaker, author, healing practitioner and bioenergetics therapist. His career in the performing arts, where he performed over 60 leading roles all over the world, prepared him for an eventual career leading others in the healing arts.
Together with Robert Baker, Ron has organized 14 worldwide meditations, which have joined together millions of people. They have an empowerment/wellness center in NYC called Children of Light, as well as leading workshops around the globe.