Human Energy Science is a set of transformational tools and techniques based on Geotran™, the “language of creation”.

Imagine for a second that you operate like a computer: you have hardware (a body), wiring (nervous system, synapses, brain/body connection), and software (the ways you go about whatever you do in life). As humans, we all take in sensory impressions, defining some as significant and ignoring the rest. This is the equivalent of data-collection in a computer. Finally, we process that information with our available programs to create output in our lives.

It makes sense, therefore, that when we don’t get the output we desire, there must be something amiss in the hard drive, wiring, programs and/or information. When this happens to your computer, chances are you employ a computer technician to come have a look (or you take the computer into the technician’s shop). The computer checks the wiring and power supply, then sits down at the keyboard and types in diagnostic codes. Once the tech has determined what is wrong, s/he usually types in more codes and poof! Your computer works again!

If you personally knew the codes that would reset your computer, you would use them, right? Even though the tech knows how to deal with computers in a way that you don’t, you also know that, given time, you could probably learn the correct programming language for your system, and use it to fix your own computer. There is nothing mysterious or magical about getting computers to work, although there may be some intuition involved!

Geotran™ is a programming language for humans. Like a computer language, it is digital; however, instead of using only 0 and 1, Geotran™ uses 12 digits and 12 geometries in different combinations. (The geometry sets the location, and the number changes the information at that location.) These numbers and geometries are applied to energetically sensitive points in the bio-magnetic field (which acts as your hard drive). These points are similar to acupuncture points, only instead of regulating the flow of energy to the physical meridians, Geotran™ harmonizes or re-educates information points that act as ‘logic gates’ within the information fields. When we change the information (data or programming), our output changes as well. Therefore, we can use Geotran™ to clear and reset blocked places in our human programming.

Whenever we use Geotran™, we need to pretest (to find out what’s not working), do the correction (use the Geotran™ code), and post test (to tell your computer something has been fixed or reset). The testing part utilizes kinesiology (or muscle testing) to measure when you are under stress for a particular issue, concept, belief, or condition. We can use verbal or nonverbal pretests (though not, of course, at the same time). For example, if we touch the solar plexus and then test the indicator muscle, 98% will have a weak response. If I have you say, “I choose to succeed”, which is the verbal pretest for that point, the arm being used as the indicator muscle will go down, indicating that there is stress in your system regarding the concept of success.

The good news is that a lot of these conditions are easy to fix! Let’s take the example above: all you have to do is use your right hand, circle clockwise above the point, and state, “2-2”. We then test the indicator muscle, and lo! the arm stays up because “I choose to succeed” no longer stresses the system. It has become “integrated” for your bio-computers.

Strings of these Geotran™ codes can be arranged to create larger programs called “integrations”. Specific integrations deal with different human issues or programs. For instance, a Living Integration restores your ability to receive your blessings, while a Peace Integration deals with issues of repentance and spiritual law.

Human Energy Science is mostly Geotran™, with added spiritual direction, a unique perspective, and the occasional chocolate truffle (see At HES, we specialize in helping you live a larger life, with improved health, wealth, relationships and self-expression. The beauty of Human Energy Science is that we can make rapid, permanent changes to your programming, and that will change your life!

Author's Bio: 

Rev. Kyre Adept, Phd, a certified Geotran practitioner/instructor, writer, chef, and founder of the Church of Chocolate. Her practice Human Energy Science is based in Santa Barbara, CA. To find out what Human Energy Science can do for you, contact Dr. Kyre Adept at, or call 805.440.5573. Here's to your larger life!