Conception of the “Intelligence quotient” and its abbreviation IQ are well-known almost to everybody today. And everybody knows, that this quotient can be measured with the help of special tests.But most of the people not familiar with psychology know nothing about the main principles of IQ testing. In this article we’ll try to understand, what IQ is, how can it be meausred, and is there any need to measure it.

Testing of intelligence is a very absorbing thing for those who are trying to measure their IQ. Many people are wondering, are they smart and bright enough. Many parents are also trying to find out, is their child talented or not. Management of some companies know nothing about IQ, nevertheless for some reason they force their employees to take IQ tests.

As a result of numerous experiments psychologists discovered the following facts: 50% of people have IQ between 90 and 110; 25% have IQ above than 110% and 25%- less than 90. The most often result is IQ=100 points.
14.5% of people have IQ 110-120,
7%- 120-130,
0.5%- more than 140.
Those who are younger than 19 and older than 60 usually have below the average IQ score.

IQ level presents speed of thinking (IQ tests are time-limited) but not insight, creativity or perseverance. Because of this fact IQ testing is less popular in the today’s world than, saying, 10 years ago. However for the present it is still one of the main ways to measure someone’s intelligence.

There are two types of IQ tests. The first one is for children between 10 and 12. Second is for people older than 12. Each test takes not more than 30 minutes.

If you’re taking IQ test just because you’re going to test your abilities, here’s our advice- relax and enjoy, this should be like a game for you. If your IQ score is not too good just forget about this.

If you get high score after taking the test, there is almost 100% probability that your intelligence quotient is really high. On the contrary- if your score is low this means nothing- probably you’re just a very unusual person.

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