Relationship coaching is a field that likely started when the first shaman or priest talked with the first "couple" or partnership concerning their relationship, how they relate to each other and who they want to be! In more recent times, the field of "family therapy" has blossomed with the onset of such areas as systems theory, interactional theory, NLP and more. Recently, the field of coaching has adapted (was we do) and adopted a "stance" on coaching relationships, below is a brief outline of what you can expect from "relationship coaching".

· Relationship coaching is the art and science of co-actively working with individuals, couples, partnerships and teams toward mutually defined goals.
Relationship issues affect people everyday…such issues might include communicating thoughts and feelings clearly; the ability to relate well at work; creating and maintaining intimacy; conflict within a relationship or amongst team members, changes in current relationships (promotions, lay-offs, birth of children, the shift from parenting children to teens, teens leaving the home, etc…).

· Relationship coaching is the daily practice of creating conscious and intentional relationships with all aspects of oneself, all aspects of others and the larger world.

Relationship coaching derives many of its beliefs and principles from the areas of Co-Active Coaching™, Systems Theory, Process Work, Taoists and Buddhist teachings, empirical research (John Gottman) and interest based bargaining.

In relationship coaching, the coach joins the system to reveal the true nature of the system to its members, in order for the members to become response “able” to better perform the tasks of support, regulation and nurturing. As the coach joins the system, the relationship becomes “the client” as the third entity and work is performed to discover in the process of unfolding what is and what is trying to occur in the system.

Some of this may sound foreign to some of you, let me end by saying relationship coaching is for those people in relationships who want to communicate more effectively, resolve issues with less frustration and turmoil, increase intimacy, increase satisfaction, have great sex or to simply make a good relationship a GREAT relationship!

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Author's Bio: 

Jim is a Personal Life and Relationship Coach, Certified Trainer of NLP, an Inspirational Speaker and published author. He has been quoted for his coaching and training expertise in the Boston Globe, Fitness Magazine and in Crain’s Chicago Business.

Jim is the President of Truly Human Coaching where he provides personal and couples coaching for individuals and couples seeking very personal and intimate change and growth.

For the last 25 years, Jim has helped thousands of people to live more of the life they truly want. From social service to business management; from family therapy to training professionals; Jim has helped people create meaningful connections with others, including the most meaningful of connections, with ourselves.

In his free time, Jim loves deep intimate times with his beautiful wife Connie; quality time with his children; as well as writing, reading meditating, exercise, marital arts, spiritual development, cooking and grocery shopping.