Where have all the children gone? The simple answer is they have metamorped into little computer geeks.

Back in the day kids would be up early in the morning raring to get outside and play. Playing meant anything and everything depending on the mood of the day.

The kids on our block were tenacious sports and game players. We would play football or baseball in a vacant lot all day long only going home for lunch and supper. We were inventive creating new games of fun on a whim but always with competition and a great deal of physicality involved.

There were those days when the weather just wouldn’t cooperate and our playing took us indoors but we never missed a beat. We played marbles, marble baseball, board games, and read and traded baseball cards and comic books.

We were never bored and we couldn’t wait for the next day to come so we could get outside.

School was a diversion that we tolerated a necessary evil we thought. School too was fun when neighborhood kids got together to reminisce and plan for after school playtime.

School was also a time for learning and our parents made very sure that we were well grounded in respect for our teachers and the importance of learning.

In today’s world, kids are faced with new priorities and new things to do. There are diversions that today’s child faces that weren’t an issue in my childhood. Life was simple, solid, safe, and secure.

My concern for today’s kids is that they are not getting enough exercise. This was never a problem when I was growing up, it was our lifestyle to be physically active. It was who we were, little dynamos of energy.

Unfortunately few kids today have that driven mindset to get outside and play. The exception may be rural kids who have the great outdoors to explore, to build tree huts, hunt, fish, climb trees and a host of games to play such as baseball, basketball, football, sledding, snow ball fights, ice hockey, roof ball, badminton and the list is never ending.

City kids too can be physically active with an array of sports activities. In addition to the above activities there are games such as street hockey, stick ball, 4 squares ball, box hockey, wall baseball, whiffle ball, dodge ball, capture the flag, just to mention a few.

Many kids are sadly overweight and in poor physical shape. They need to get moving, literally.

They’re certainly is a time and place for computer time, TV, and other passive activities but to a much lesser degree then most kids do today.

Obesity is a serious problem in our society and our children are not exempt from this insidious lifestyle. That’s right obesity with the exception of some legitement medical conditions is a BI product of a lifestyle. Obesity could nearly be eliminated in our culture with a simple lifestyle change. Get your children motivated to get physically active, going out for sports at school, joining YMCA, YWCA, community centers, church youth groups all offer great fun and interaction.

Parents set a good example for your children by leading the way and becoming physically fit. A healthy fit body can add years to your life and most certainly will increase your stamina, self-esteem, and overall appearance.

Do the fun things in life that require no money just plain and simple fun.

Get outside and start playing!

Author's Bio: 

Gary Kenneth Archer is a natural health advocate dedicated to the naturalist lifestyle, web designer,webmaster,professional woodworker,author and frequent contributer to Healthy Living.