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Posted September 23rd, 2008 by Keith

First and foremost, I'm here to attract clients. I am a life coach who has helped clients to achieve the results they want, and have also helped others to create a life journey that is free from the effects of addiction.

I know that my life purpose is to help others achieve, and as well as a living a balanced life personally, this is the most satisfying thing I can do.I love life and love to laugh and cherish the hope and serenity I have in my life.

In building this site, I have the pleasure of working with an expert, Igor Varyvoda, who resides in the Ukraine. Between us, we want to create a unique wb site that is always fresh, and adds value to the lives of people who want personal change and are prepared to work for it. I have given Igor free creative reign. Something you want to see, or an innovation we can help test, please let us know. This is work in progress and Igor is an independant expert looking for new clients also!

It is interesting, but somewhat frustrating, to work as a personal coach. Most people spend money in funny places. Most have the ability to get more out of their lives (like any athlete or executive) and know exactly where they want a more abundant life. Yet few undestand that the key to achievement is personal coaching, and hiring a coach is a great investment in yourself. There is a lifetime payback beyond dollars! Coaching is a good spend.

About 10% of the population are affected by addictions. An attribute of addicted people or those impacted by addiction, is a low sense of self worth. Addictions cause our economy untold billions of dollars.

We offer a confidential option to treatment cenres, and option that allows continuance of work life, but requires honesty and as desire to change to make work and an option that realises going to meetings is not for everybody intially. Our success comes by using proven programs to restore self image, and move clients to a place where they are not dependant on outside substances to escape or feel good. They like themselves, and live a fruitful balanced life!We offer direction to those who want to live addiction free. When our clients do the work, they get results! We coach the journey.

We are here to help and welcome active participation to help others live a more abundant life. Be "Coached to Success"!

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Certified Life Coach, Addictions Specialist, Coached To success, new site at www.hopeserenity.ca