Kuthumi 1-13-08

Will the real Mary Magdalene stand up now.

What is happening at this time when so many people feel they have been there with Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and so many feeling they were Mary Magdalene, or Jesus or even one of the disciples.

What was happening more then 2000 year ago?
There was a group of souls on your earth bringing in certain energies and taking certain energies.

For more than 2000 years now Mary Magdalene, or actually Isis, because it was she who took this incarnation upon her, has been holding the energy of abused women.
And by holding them I mean feeling them as if they were her own as well.

Why did she do this?
What was the use of this?

Last year we have told you how Lucifer was holding and guarding much of the negative energies in and around your planet earth so they would not spread out and permeate everything on your planet.
He was not alone in this process, there were more masters that were there to assist and take in the negative or heavy dark energies.

Isis came to the planet as Mary Magdalene and from then on she has taken it upon her to gather and guard the energies of abused women on your planet earth. She took these energies into her spirit and has been holding them for more than 2000 years.

The release and purification of these energies started some years ago because there needed to be more of a balance between the male and female energies. Before this everything was tilted towards the male and releasing these energies would have made that even more towards the male.
The balance that has begun on your planet has made it possible to start releasing and clearing, purifying these energies so they can be released into the universal consciousness around your planet without leaving a negative effect on the consciousness.

We have told you last year that the money template was released and completed, at this moment we are in the final stages of completing and releasing the abuse of women template.
The first three months of this year, 2008, will be the final stages of completing and releasing this horrible template.

And believe me when I say I have seen with my own eyes, so to speak, this template is a thousand times more difficult than the money template.

The women that have taken it upon them are going through thousands of years of pain in a short time, we know they are strong but even though we know we worry about them.
I have seen pain on your planet, and I have seen women going through this pain of abuse, but this is different and we are watching over the ones that have taken this heavy task.

That brings me back to the beginning of my message, why are so many women connecting with Mary Magdalene or the Magdalene energies?
The magdalene energies are the part of Isis holding the abuse of woman template. Now that the template is being purified and released, there is more and more of the magdalene energies coming unto your planet earth.
Many souls on your planet that have incarnated as a woman this time, have had one or more lives of abuse and they connect with these energies on a very personal level at this time. Reason why so many actually may feel that they were Mary Magdalene, or were there during that time.

The souls releasing and completing the template at this time were there at that time as part of the group surrounding Jesus and Mary Magdalene and they are capable of this task, we know that.

One other thing I would like to address since there seems to be some confusion about one of my messages through another channel.
I have said that when someone tells you they have been trance-channeling me, they are not telling the truth since I am not working on that vibrational level anymore. I also have said that I will be communicating through several chosen channels on a conscious level and they will still be bringing out my messages.
The channel I am working through at this time has always refused to work as a trance channel for me and she has worked very hard to make sure she did not have to.
I think it is needed at this time to make a change and I do think you all are ready for more truth and I know that this truth need to come from a higher vibrational level.

I also know some people are having some trouble understanding some of my messages, do not worry about this, there are several different teachings out there and even though they come from the same source, the level of understanding and accepting the energies is different for all of you.
If you feel you do not resonate with any of my messages, please accept it and understand that this message might not be for you at this time. It may be at a later time or it may just not be for you at all.

I leave you for now with all my love and gratitude for what you are doing for the planet earth.

I am Kuthumi and I come upon the Platinum Ray of Silence and Wisdom.

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Petra Margolis is a channel for the ascended masters and is the author of a book called the 7 basic steps to ascension
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