It’s stressful isn’t it? Having to get all those things ready, trying not to forget anything, not to mention bickering kids, tantrums about what to wear or the sleepy head who doesn’t want to wake up. No, the morning rush isn’t any fun but luckily there are a few things you can do to bring peace back into your family’s morning routine.

Prepare Ahead – Sounds simple enough but did you know you could actually leave just about everything ready for the next day? It might take a few extra minutes out of your evening but you’ll be much faster if you prepare everything once the kids are asleep rather than rushing in the morning.

Lay out the kids clothes for the next day - Include things like hair clips, socks and shoes. And don’t forget to lay out your clothes too.

Leave breakfast ready (or nearly ready) - Depending on what you have for breakfast you can often pre-prepare a lot of it. If you have pancakes make the batter the night before and stick it in the fridge. If you have cereal and toast, leave the cereal out, bowls, spoons and bread. You can even set the table to save time.

Pre-Pack Lunch Boxes - If your kids take a packed lunch to school prepare it the night before. Most things like sandwiches will be fine left in the fridge overnight.

Pack Their School Bags – Look through their bags and make sure there aren’t any last minute dates or events you’ve overlooked. Pack all their books and things in their bags and leave everything by the front door.

Get The Kids Involved – The responsibility of getting the kids to school shouldn’t completely lie on your shoulders. As soon as children are old enough to help out then they should. Even the youngest of kids can help.

Make a Chart – If your kids (like most kids) are forgetful, make a chart for each one which explains in order all the things they need to do in the morning. You can draw pictures for the really young ones and write a description for the older ones. For example, you can have a picture of a toothbrush, then the school clothes, hair brush, etc.

Talk to your kids about the list beforehand and explain it to them. Then stick it up in a prominent place in their rooms and the next time they ask you “mom, what do I do know?” tell them to go look at their list. This is a great way of getting kids a little more involved and to start teaching them responsibility.

By preparing ahead you can’t avoid all of your family’s morning stresses but it will certainly help a lot, and who knows you may even have time for that extra cup of coffee.

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Aurelia Williams is the host of Parenting My Teen Podcast: and is also the owner of Real Life Solutions: Http:// a free resource site for moms.