If there were such things as fairy godmothers and wishes that were granted magically, then maybe, just maybe, life would be different. So pretend for a minute or two that you live in a world of wishes and fairies and you have been told that you can have one wish granted – but this wish has conditions.

Your wish has to be for a change in what you do for a living. You will be given three times the income you have now (index-linked naturally), you will be given any money you need to spend in order for your new livelihood to be effective for you, so your new salary will not be reduced by business-related expenses. You cannot fail in whatever you choose to do. Any skills or knowledge you require will be yours for the asking. Any fears or anxieties – such as public speaking, or flying – will disappear. Everything in fact will be just as you wish it to be.

So what would you choose to do?

This wish is only valid for 24 hours.

I have some questions for you (and if you'd like to take this seriously and e-mail me the answers that would be great. Let me know also if it's okay to use what you tell me, without identifying you as the source, in future articles or books. E-mail address on my web site)

1. Would you take up this offer, or would you let it expire?
2. What is it that you do right now for a living?
3. What would you choose to do?
4. What stops you from doing that right now?
5. How old are you?
6. Are you male or female?
7. Whereabouts do you live? (not your address, just the part of the world)
8. Did you enjoy this exercise?

Now I hope you've answered the questions before continuing to read.

Unfortunately, it seems, we don't live in a world of fairies and wishes. But it's nice to dream, it's nice to have a rich fantasy world. Did you know that the inventor of the automatic sewing machine, Elias Howe, couldn't find a way to make a machine sew until he had a dream about being attacked by savages with spears with holes in the tip? When he awoke from this dream he realised that this was what would make his 'dream' work and he put the hole for the thread in the tip of the needle rather than the other end where it usually was.

He wanted to do something that others said was impossible. He wanted to do something that he couldn't find a way to do. But his desire didn't accept the impossibility and it communicated a solution that consciously he couldn't see.

His solution magically arrived because he was totally focused on what he desired to achieve.

If we focus our Power things happen magically.

It's nice to let your mind wander about all the wonderful things, and people, you'd like to have in your life, the home you desire, the family, the friends, the lover… but there's something a little scary about fantasising and then have that fantasy realised within hours of imagining it.

Our power scares us.

Marianne Williamson, author of Return to Love, says " Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It's our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us."

Because our Power scares us we keep it at arms length. We defend ourselves against having exactly what we want. And we do it to keep ourselves safe, and we do it to make sure other people continue to like us.

How do you feel about people who have everything they want in life and whenever they want anything new it just sort of appears? If you aren't aware of anyone who has a life like that, seriously imagine it, then look at your life and see if you're ok, or you feel some emotional reaction like jealousy, or dislike, or sadness, or even a feeling that good fortune is for others, but not for you.

You aren't doing what fulfils you because you don't believe you deserve it. And I don't mean believe it at a superficial level, I mean believe it deep down right to the very bottom of your subconscious experience of your world. Someone somewhere will have caused you to believe that you don't deserve, or that it isn't ok, to have whatever your heart desires. You may have been taught that life is tough, not easy. You may have been taught that money doesn't grow on trees. You may have been taught that to have everything you want makes you greedy or selfish or unlovable.

None of that is true.

It's time to recognise the untruths you were taught about you and your world for what they are – the mistaken perceptions of those who were fearful of coming face to face with their own beauty; that is, the beauty of one who was born to love and to enjoy life and to feel fulfilled.

That person was YOU.

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Michael J. Hadfield D. Hyp., MBSCH is a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist. His personal journey has taught him that we all have a wisdom within us. The trick is learning to tap into it, and then to trust it. Visit http://www.hypnosisiseasy.com For more information about personal and spiritual growth, as well as treatment for a variety of problems. Here you can explore his approach to health, healing, and hypnosis.