It's hard to believe in this wide universe that there is only one chance to live in a lifetime. There are many controversial issues surrounding the subject of reincarnation. Did occultists create these issues as an "idea" to steer people away from Christianity, did reincarnation exist before the new testament? the Bible?, or can the truth of reincarnation be traced to the Holy Scriptures? Reincarnation is to be reborn as another individual, usually someone different from the one before. Though most souls reincarnate, not everyone is reincarnated. Reincarnation is a select process for the role the person will have to live. A person may reincarnate immediately after death, or may be assigned to a dimension of life, which is a plane before heaven, until it is time for the person's reincarnation. Reincarnationists believe that most people can reincarnate many times, due to an ongoing goal, or to initiate important decisions that would insure the future of the world.

The Bible never really says anything up front about the idea of reincarnation; there are only loose translations mainly on the subject of Elijah and John the Baptist. Even Jesus Christ is mistaken to be a messiah from another life, when He had a spirit life prior to incarnation. Some people believe that the Church removed many chapters referring to reincarnation from the Bible, so that they can preach their one life, one heaven, and one hell theory.

Centuries ago, Christians raised major issues against reincarnation. Their argument was that reincarnation minimized Christian salvation. Salvation means that when humans die they are judged and if the Lord thinks they are worthy, they will be granted access the heavenly kingdom. What if anyone, not just a believer in reincarnation, reaches the heavenly gates to find himself or herself denied access? Will that person have another chance? Christianity teaches humans that they have one Life. The only afterlife will be in heaven, and only for those who merit it.

The theory of salvation has promised individuals an everlasting life of joy and peace. The Bible preaches and promises this everlasting life if we abide by the Lord's laws. If we continue to give love and understanding to others, and preach certain gospels, then we are assured of this salvation. The Bible doesn't say anything about rebirth, multiple lifetimes, or transmigration of any kind.

I think the theory that reincarnation seems to minimize Christian salvation is false because when a person dies, there may more than just two options. The idea of going to Heaven or Hell has created a fallacy of false dilemma. Troubled souls who have lost their faith think they are doomed to an eternity in hell, while those who are moderately faithful will be disappointed if they don't enter heaven. If one doesn't go to heaven, or hell, then might one be reincarnated? The soul incarnates into another body where a person might, by karma, expiate the sins of the past lives. One might also become an angel. These angels, often called spirit guides or guardian angels, are still souls with no bodies. They cannot be seen or heard. They assist people to lead more spiritual and inspirational lives while being supervised by God.

Further, it is argued that reincarnation is in conflict with the resurrection of the body. Resurrection is the idea that the body will be returned to wholeness on Judgement Day. Since a person's body is his or her temple, and needs to be taken care of, people believe in only one body, only one temple. If reincarnation were true, does this mean that we can merely shed ourselves, just like a snake does, when we reincarnate? How much value could we place on the temples we have now if this were so? We are taught to love our body for we only have one life. Treating our body as a temple gives us a great example and teaches us responsibility. God doesn't want anyone in his kingdom that can't even take care of him or her self on earth. But since he is a loving God, and forgives, we can assume that treating the body poorly will not decide the faith of our journey.

There is little or no recollection of previous lives. If reincarnation existed, then we should all have some sort of recollection of our past lives. Antireincarnationist claim that concrete evidence. Instead we have fanatics and people who claim to channel other higher beings. And since we know that Christianity doesn't support the theory of reincarnation, and if there is no real proof, why should anyone believe in reincarnation?

Saying that there is no scientific evidence about reincarnation may be true, but there are so may mysteries and coincidences that are unexplained, but noticed often. There are large accounts of d'eja' vu' and many incidents where one could swear one met another. Maybe somewhere else in another time, or another life perhaps? This might account for recollection of their previous lives.

There is so much that we do not yet understand. The theory cannot be dismissed. The act of believing or not believing is just a small fragment. If we kept an open mind and considered the thought about transmigrating the soul, understanding may come. For instance, we are taught in the Bible that the world just didn't exist suddenly. There was a method of plan and the essence of thought. The world we live in is a mechanical marvel of the universe developed by what many would call a force of spirit. This force is so great and so unbelievable that we can only call it God. If we were created also by a thought, then why can't we assume that our souls have been thought up in such a way that they can be reincarnated in a single moment?

We can assume that before the world was created, such life that existed lived in a state of perfection. The Bible suggests that minds that were one with God could move about freely. East Indians and other people believe that in time, the mind took the first step down its fall and became soul. The soul, now once already removed from the original state, continued with its descent to take the form of a body. This is degradation, and once humans were created, they started with their battle to climb up to where they once already were--perfect.

Finally, does it make any ultimate difference in the religious life whether or not one believes in reincarnation? If the God we are taught is a loving and understanding God, then will we be banished to an unfathomable hell just for supporting a theory? Does not believing in reincarnation get you closer to heaven? We cannot judge people or theories, we are taught that in school and in Church, so why should we restrict ourselves and state what we believe in or what we don't without complete knowledge?

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