How have you come through the latest turmoil in the financial world?
Here’s the answer. You came through as well as you decided to.

Most people don’t know they have a choice. Most people are unconsciously run by forces out there, the news, newspapers, the 24 hour news cycle, opinions of people on television, opinions of politicians, opinions of friends. Most people don’t know it’s their choice to decide for themselves.

The vast majority of people, including news reporters, including the talking heads on television, including politicians, even politicians at the highest level are run by fear. They let fear push them around. They make decisions based on fear, anger and often by hate.

For those who are unconscious, they are fearful, angry and hateful about things, like the latest things going on in the finance world.

Has the news been scary for you? Has the news made you upset? Has the news made you angry? Has the news made you confused? Has the news stressed you out?
Anything that happens is neutral in itself. It doesn’t matter what happens. It’s your attitude toward it that matters. Most people in this world are unconscious. They operate automatically reacting to whatever happens. They react automatically as they learned to do as a child. Something happens they get fearful, angry, confused, frustrated, etc. Most people don’t know they have a choice. They react automatically, get upset and they get more and more negative.
If you’re reading this, you now know you have a choice. It is your decision how you feel about anything.

Has the financial news scared you? Lets look at it. Does the financial news affect you? Do you still have your job, your livelihood? The news wants to frighten you into thinking you and your family will be on the street and penniless. The majority of people made an unconscious decision to be scared, anxious, and stressed out. The news doesn’t affect them and their life at all, yet they can’t stop talking about it and wringing their hands about it. All the time they’re getting less and less happy.

They made a decision whether they know it or not. They could just as easily have decided not to go negative, not to get scared, not to freak out. They could just as easily have decided to stay positive in spite of the headlines and the television news shows. They didn’t know they had a choice, so they got scared.

That’s how the financial turmoil got started. It’s a run on the bank caused by negative news, exploitation of the negative news by the negative media, then people---people from the highest level politicians to the people next door--- unconsciously thinking they have to believe all that negative news and take action or go into inaction out of fear. Don’t buy anything. Squirrel your nuts. Stuff the money in the mattress. Be scared. Don’t move or you’ll get hurt.

Anything that happens doesn’t matter. It’s your attitude about it that matters.

OK. Let’s say you did lose it all. You lost your job. It’s gone. You lost all your money. You’re penniless. You lost your house. Your spouse has left you. It’s all gone. What matters is your attitude toward it. Does it help to react with fear, anger, frustration, and being very, very upset? How does that help you resolve the situation? It does not. It cannot. It only makes you more and more upset and less and less able to find your way out of the situation.
Automatic reaction based on your past conditioning, based on how you learned to react to negative situations long, long ago does not help you. You must see that reacting to negativity by automatically going negative only makes you more and more negative. Negative cannot result in positive. They are opposites. Negative leads to more negative.

The good news is that positive leads to more positive. Now you know. It’s your decision. No matter the news it’s your decision. React automatically with negative emotions or decide to be positive in spite of whatever is happening. Negative solves nothing. Positive is the way to get solutions. Decide, be positive in spite of whatever the world is calling negative. Be positive in spite of whatever is happening.

Nothing matters but your attitude toward it. Keep your attitude high and maintain your altitude. Stay positive in spite of whatever happens. Avoid woe is me. Avoid, woe is the world. Stay positive and positive will turn in your direction. Solutions will come when your stay positive.

Stay above the fray. Stay positive and positive will come to you. It’s just a decision. Decide to be positive in spite of whatever is happening.

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