Your image determines your success

Your image is your weakest link it to how far you rise.

You can dress your worst and perform at your best but ultimately no one ever got very far for dressing like crap.
But if you dress like success, does that guartunee you success? No, of course not!
But it raises your odds of achieving success.

Even though you may be skin broke, feel like shit, and struggle to put bread on the table dress your best. Grooming doesn’t cost a thing, nor does clean clothes. You don’t need to be in the latest Versace to be seen as a professional in your field. All you need is the willingness to put in more than is expected, and to dress your best.

You can start with where you are at. What are your personal assets? I am talking about a nice smile, slim figure. Toned back, or shiny hair. What ever is nice about you make an inventory on and build on it. You do not, and I repeat do not need the best or the latest fashions. Just work with what you have got. And what have you got? Obviously you have a got an attitude of improvement otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article, you have a sense of direction otherwise you would be engaging in promiscuous activtivies. You have assets and latent talents waiting to be taped into.

Tap into them, and build on them!

Your image will reflect the good feeling you have about yourself and your assets will shine through. Realise you can change yourself to be the person you see yourself as. Nothing is set in cement, believe you can be the person you desire to be and you will be it. But you must dress as though you are already it. Because you are. Time is in motion trying to catch up with you, and it will. But for now dress your best, and dress for success it will come give it time, be patient, live your life and love your journey.

Success is yours for the taking, if only you seek it inside the outside will follow.

God bless your beautiful soul,

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