"I don't deserve to earn more money."
"Money is the root of all evil."
"Rich people are greedy"
"Having and earning a lot of money isn't spiritual."
"Money is power, and power corrupts."
"It's better to give than to receive."
"Wanting to have a lot of money is selfish."
"There's never enough money."
"Money doesn't grow on trees."
"People who have a lot of money are generally dishonest."
"People with lots of money are unhappy."

Have you heard any of these sayings? I bet you have. I certainly have. Money and our relationship to it can be good or bad depending on our beliefs about money and wealth. What you believe about money will directly correlate to how much money you make, how you make money, and how you treat money. Your beliefs can keep you in debt, struggling to make ends meet to support yourself and your family if you have one. (I firmly believe that all of us have a family to support, even if it's a family of one.)

Your beliefs about money can determine whether or not you can experience an infinite abundance. Your beliefs can also determine whether you create money through struggle or suffering. Your beliefs can keep you in a dead end job with no way to advance. Or you believe that the only way to make more money is by working harder longer, and have more jobs.

How do you feel about money? Do you relate money with wealth? Remember our thoughts control our lives, and our thoughts about money are just as controlling as our thoughts about our weight, our jobs, or our families.

The relationship with money will determine your financial comfort zone. This comfort zone feeling comes primarily from your subconscious, the part that is the deepest emotional realm. Your past experiences with money also determine your comfort zone. You will need to scrap all those beliefs right now in order for you to create whatever money amount you desire. You will need to give yourself permission to experience financial wealth.

Make friends with money and wealth. Change those attitudes. Money and wealth are not evil. What is evil is how you invest, spend, or give away your money. If you can switch to that there is abundance out there, and some of that abundance is yours to share, then you will start improving your income. If you start spending and giving away money with an attitude of gratitude, then you will be even more enriched.

I was always taught that in order to have money you had to work really hard. I became one of those school teachers. I work overtime, but I'm not paid for that time. I don't get bonuses throughout the year. I get a salary, and I have to live off of that salary to make ends meet. I didn't go into education for the money. That is true, but I sometimes harbor that resentment that others can make more money just because of their overtime.

I used to take on extra jobs to add income to my finances. You know $20 for this and that, doesn't really add up once you take out income taxes and social security. The other idea that was installed upon me by my Dad was that you needed to save for retirement. I started an annuity (403b which is similar to a 401k) and have kept it going almost the entire time I've been teaching. I don't expect or believe social security will be around when I will need it.

In the past year, I have learned to spend my money differently. I am now investing my money in Wall Street stocks. This is fun, and yet it is also nerve racking. However, I'm in this for a very long haul, and I firmly believe that if you buy stock low, and then sell high, you'll have the best formula for making money. I don't let the ups and downs of Wall Street get to me. I'm letting them ride. Right now stocks are down, and this is the best time to purchase those stocks. If Warren Buffet can start out buying a little stock, and build his prosperous enterprise, then so can I. That also means you can too.

Best Advice

One very important aspect that I've learned about money is trust no one. I repeat, trust no one with your money. Andrew Tobias wrote a book titled: The Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need. He stressed this over and over. No matter how you feel about money trust no one.

I have a good friend, and when her husband died 11 years ago, she had money to invest. She used the same investment person that her husband had been working with. She never questioned, the guy, and he told her that he would set up an account that in seven to eleven years she would net over $500,000. Guess what? You're right. Her investments have barely given her over $20,000.

She never questioned him until the other day. It's a good thing she did. Now, she is asking lots of questions, and seeking other advice and opinions on investment procedures. To remove her investments from where they are, to a different investment portfolio will cost her about $4500. That's a huge chunk of change. Had she been involved in the beginning she probably would be up to $500,000, but she's not. She has about 12 years before she can retire from the school system, and she wants that money to grow more than it has in the past 11 years.

Trust no one, and start paying attention to your money. You and you alone are the captain of your ship. When you realize that your beliefs are stopping your progress, then you'll need to replace those beliefs with a more positive focus. Maybe you could write an affirmation or two about your new belief system.

Remember you deserve to be rich, and wealthy. You deserve all the money that you desire. Money was created for everyone's use equally. You don't need to work harder to obtain more money, you need to work smarter. In fact let your money work for you instead.

Author's Bio: 

Carrie Fleharty by day is a mild mannered school librarian, but at night she's become a successful author. She is now a practicing Personal Life Coach. She enjoys helping people become successful in any endeavor that they feel is important to them. She enjoys and embraces change and sees it as a way to improve herself. She intends to keep improving her life, and keeps challenging herself to become a better person. She thoroughly enjoys expressing herself through the written word. And has written two books "Changes and Shifts: a Personal Journey" and "A Poet's Mind and Soul."

Her soul ignites through spiritual fire. She understands that the right spark can take a person to new meanings and new beginnings through a deeper sense of self. She is a seeker; she seeks Truth, the Devine, Spirituality, and Love. She believes that a spark will flame up to spread Truth. This Truth will be made known to all who seek.

After all "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure." A Return to Love: Reflections on a Course in Miracles by Marianne Williamson. Sometimes all it takes is a helping hand. I will be that helping hand in either personal, spiritual, health and wellness or being a mentor.