In mice and rat pest control, the imperative step is to prevent the rodents from getting into your home and office at the first place. But many times, the pests manage to make their way in through many venues on the place such as open doors and windows, from the room or under the house, vents and ducts or cracks and small holes on the walls, ceilings and floors. Here, management and removal will have to take place inside. What can you do to prevent and handle rodent infestation in home?

First thing you have to do is to determine if you have a rodent problem. Check out if there are droppings, chewing damage on cable wires, papers and some wood and plastics and know if you hear any fast pitter patter sounds most particularly at night or when things are calm. Inspect the attic, basements, drawers and storage areas.

Next thing you have to do is to find out how did the rodents sneak into your home or office. If there are many points of entry as mentioned earlier, it could be easy for them to get in. You have to inspect every parts of your home or office from the roof down to the ground.

Next you have to make the necessary modifications in your place. Make the repairs and fix the problems to prevent more entry of rats and mice. The main reason why they come into your place is to look for food, water and shelter.

Here are some tips:

1. Fix plumbing problems in the bathroom, kitchen and basement and Replace leaking pipes.
2. Seal all openings permanently.
3. Do not leave the door and windows open.

Repair Roof Problems:

This is also important. Dispose all food and water wastes right away so the pests will not feed upon them. Clean the floors and surfaces of its mess and throw them away in strongly sealed trash bins. Wash the dishes straight away and do not leave them unattended for the night. Make sure all rooms of the house and office are clean.

Don’t forget to store food products safely in strong plastic or metal containers. Make sure the pantry is secured and all cabinets and drawers are property closed. Dispose old paper and cardboard products or at least keep them away safely. Do not store wood in the house and varnish wood products like antique and furniture.

If you cannot control the rats and mice in your place and if the infestation is already worse, it is time to contact a professional mice and rat pest control service to eliminate the infestation. Professional help from Pest Control Melbourne experts can help ensure the health and safety of your premise and provide great results.

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