(How’s Your Spiritual Life?)
Someone sees that word “spiritual” and the mind says “oh no, more religious crap”. That someone, back then, was me.
For those who are familiar with my blogs, you’ll know I like simplicity and often turn to the good book written by Mr. Webster to get definitions I can understand. It puts us all on a level playing field.
Today’s word is HOPE. I talk to so many people who tell me their life is lacking in “HOPE” and they want more.
So my Webster’s tells me hope means “a confident expectation that a desire will be fulfilled”; “something one longs to see realized”. Good enough for me.
I believe that we all should have hope in our lives and hope should be for positives. Funny, I have an aged mother who hopes to die soon; I don’t think this is what those I generally talk to mean. While death for her would be, in her mind, better than where she is at, most hope for things to get better in more traditional ways!
So you are down on your “hope” and would like a shot of it?
Let me give you a place to look.
Ever question your sanity? Maybe we all should. If you really try, you can look at where you’re at and find something positive. It might be something as simple as the ability to draw breath. Those lacking hope are generally stuck in a dark place and have lost self-respect, self-confidence and regrettably self-love. Is this a sane place to be at? Why dwell in a negative place without hope?
Listen deeply to what goes on inside of you. What makes you seek this elusive thing called hope? A tough question, but guess what? There is definitely something that tells you things can get better. If you connect with it, they will get better.
So here we sit without enough hope, maybe even feeling despair, and we have this voice inside saying I want more hope. Please listen to it and nurture it. It is there to be heard and acted upon. This my friend is spirituality at its simplest, and if listened to and acted upon, you will be filled with new hope. We were all meant to live that way; with hope. With hope you get its partner, some well deserved peace.
So I started this random thinking with a question- “Do you want a shot of hope?” I’ve suggested to you a place to look to get that shot, and in holistic terms, it is building a small portion of “spirituality” into your life to help you increase personal sanity.
“Hope” is a free gift for those who truly seek it! Why not have a shot on the house? (www.coached-to-success.com or www.hopeserenity.ca)

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