When you lose your job because of your employer's doing, it becomes a case of constructive dismissal, and you have the right to go legal with the help of your constructive dismissal solicitors .

What is Constructive Dismissal?

It is a condition when you are forced to resign from a job due to your employer's unfair conduct. Mainly because of breach of contract from them, which can be stressful, then claim constructive dismissal. There can be many actions from your employer, which could be under constructive dismissal case like:

  • A forceful change in the duration of working hours.

  • Bullying and harassing

  • Unfair demotion or suspension.

  • A cut in your pay without consulting.

  • Unlawful discrimination against you

  • Denying flexible working requests.

  • Making you do extra work out of your role.

  • Failure to take actions against any complaint about the grievance

Is all this action and waves has resulted in you resigning from your job? You can get help from your constructive dismissal local solicitor near me to help you work for your clients as you will have to prove any breach of a contract from an employee was fundamental. You would lodge the case if you were working for the company for at least two years continuously.

Moreover, you can show your constructive dismissal case with three elements.

  • When the employer is in regular conduct breach of the employment contract

  • The employee resigned from the job due to a breach of contract.

  • There was no delay in the resigning.

When the staff resign due to constructive dismissal, it should be in time as delay in resignation results in a situation where the breach is affirmed.

However, it should be done with proper consideration.

  • They may write a grievance if the contract breach can be mended or remedied.

  • The employee may resign with or without sending notice according to their personal situation.

What Result Follows Constructive Dismissal?

When your constructive dismissal solicitors can prove your claim successfully, you get positive outcomes as a result.

  • Recruiting

If your case is successful and you want to re-join, you can be re-employed or re-engaged, that is, working with the same employer but in a different position.

  • Compensation

You will be liable to get an amount for your loss.

  • Re-employment and Compensation

You can be assigned both depending upon your claim's practicality and on the events that occur after you left your job.

You can bring your claims for constructive dismissal in front of your employer with the help of a construction solicitor near me, who will guide and represent your case successfully.

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