These days a vacuum cleaner is used for much more than just cleaning carpets and floors, it can be used for a number of applications such as cleaning cars, furniture, and shampooing carpets. For those with pets like cats and dogs, accessories can often help make life easier and allow the owner to clean up their animals' waste more easily.

There are several different vacuum cleaner accessories and accessories that you can add to your vacuum cleaner to enhance its functionality and provide even more cleaning ability. The following article highlights some of these in more detail.

Additional hoses

One of the most common and popular vacuum cleaner accessories is the extended hose. This can help the user search for more dust by giving them the extra reach to get into those awkward nooks and crannies, and to clean curtains and other hard-to-reach places. An extra hose can also be useful for those looking to use their vacuum cleaner outside the home, for example in the car or caravan.

Vacuum Brushes

Shrubs are used to remove dirt, which is often walked on carpets. After being dislodged, the vacuum cleaner can easily suck up excess dirt. These accessories are ideal for areas that see high traffic, such as hallways, and also useful for those with pets, as they help to collect excess hair.

Carpet Washers

Some modern vacuums can be equipped with a shampooing attachment, which will help the user to clean the carpet, as well as to vacuum it. This reduces the cost of carpet cleaning and means that your carpets can always look like new.

Brushes for parquet floors

These special brushes will allow you to clean wooden, laminate or parquet floors more effectively and will help protect the floors from damage caused by sand and other dirt.

Car Cleaning Kits

Many vacuum cleaner manufacturers offer a car cleaning kit for their machines. These allow users to successfully clean their cars and typically include an extended vacuum hose, a smaller brush to reach hard-to-reach places, and a brush to help remove dirt. In addition to having a clean and bright exterior, the interior of your care can also be clean and look good.


For some people, particularly those with allergies and pets, the regular level of filtration offered by a standard vacuum is simply not enough. For this reason, many people choose to add an additional filter, which blocks dust and other potentially harmful allergens. It might also be worth looking for vacuums that have HEPA filters, which filter out more than 99% of dust and other allergens.

Now that you know more about how you can improve the performance and versatility of your vacuum cleaners, as well as make your home and car cleaner, maybe now is the right time to shop for Vacuum Cleaner Accessories.

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One of the most common and popular vacuum cleaner accessories is the extended hose.