Here is a really easy yet high impact approach that will enable the law of attraction to start to take effect in your life. Here we go then.

Use you built in inner guidance system. When you were young you may well have played a game called 'warmer or 'colder'. Basically someone hid an object and then another person would enter the room and try to find the object. The only way they had of knowing where the object was was by listening to the person who had hid the object. They would say 'warmer' if the seeker was moving towards the object and 'colder' if they were moving away.

Of course sooner or later using this very simple guidance system they would find the object. It wasn't difficult all the seeker had to do was listen. How does this apply to the law of attraction you might be thinking. Well we do have our own inner guidance system more commonly known as our feelings. When we are doing something that we know is taking us away from what we desire normally we feel 'bad' in some way, when we cease to do that thing and pursue something more in tune with what we desire we feel 'good'.

The very simple message is to do more of the things that make you feel good. If you desire to start your own business and you are sat at work all day feeling like you are wasting your time, of course you cannot quit straightaway just because it might make you feel good but you in your free time you certainly can get on with researching business opportunities, updating your business skills and networking. These things are all likely to make you feel good as they are in tune with what you desire.

Very simply then seek out and do the things that make you feel good. This sounds so simple that people often dismiss this approach. Instead they continue doing the things that have been making them feel bad and yet somehow expect to gain different results. Remember the old adage if you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got! You have the power to change, you can use the law of attraction.

As you concentrate and deliberately do things that make you feel better you will start to notice things falling into place. You will notice that ideal business opportunity. You will meet the person that can mentor you through your business start-up you will have the inspirational ideas. When these things happen, take note of them they are all the law of attraction working for you and lining up favourable circumstances and why? because you took charge of your thoughts and took action.

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