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Do you remember the world without mobile phones? It wasn’t long back, just 20 years ago. This was the time when all the friends and family would sit together and play for countless hours a number of board games and card games. 

The games ranged from Ludo to Carrom, and card games such as rummy, teen patti and andar bahar. These days, lots of these games are being provided through the internet by online casinos in India. All you need is a smartphone with 4G network, and a banking method to deposit and withdraw money. 

Now, how does this happen? Today, we thought we can take you behind the scenes to understand what goes on while providing these games on the casino sites. We are going to exclusively cover the card games. 

Rummy started off getting played online around 2009. The game was usually meant to be played in clubs in India, and it had a legal standing that there could be bets that can be placed on these games. This led to the same law being applied for online rummy as well when it was introduced through multiple multiplayer platforms in India. The users can deposit the money through the bank account, and they can play with other players online at the same time. Multiple forms of rummy were available, such as Pool Rummy, Point Rummy and Deals Rummy. 

The winning player used to collect the amount, minus the commission or rake of the platform that was running it. 

Since rummy was a game between 2 or more players, the platforms were happily running it and making huge sums of money out of the commission being offered on the table. 

Games like Andar Bahar turned out to be totally different. This was a game that was to be played between the bettor and the person dealing the cards. In order to ensure the game play continues with the same fun side of things, lots of live casino players such as showlion introduced the game on their platform through partnership with another software provider. 

In these live casinos, a live dealer comes on your screen who brings in a deck of cards. The stream is live as there would be multiple activities going on such as having a live weather channel or sports channel going on in the background.  Now, the dealer would mix the cards and start drawing the cards.

Through an intuitive UI, you can place your bets on either andar or bahar. There are usually lots of side bets available as well to play the game. 

Once the bets are placed, and are accepted, the dealer continues. Note that you might not be the only player playing that game. There would be 100’s of other players as well who would be playing the same game simultaneously in different corners of the world. 

As soon as the matching card is identified, the software calculates the commission and payout, and the money is credited back in your account. 

The entire game play is so seamless that you would get the feel of playing in a real casino. The other advantage of playing online is you can see multiple statistics such as percentage of andar bahar drawn, or the number of cards drawn before the matching card is found. 

With the elevated gameplay experience, no wonder a lot of folks are moving online to play their favorite games. 

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