Life is good. You see that simple phrase emblazoned on clothing and you can’t help but smile.

But life can also be challenging and often gives us a multitude of questions or situations that we don’t know how to handle.

Even if you have a wide circle of friends or family who are willing to listen to your problems, they may not be equipped to give you good advice. Sure, venting to your best friend can relieve some of your stress, but does that friend give you action steps to follow so you can get out of the stressful situation? Is that same friend objective or are her comments adding to your stress?

A good life coach is a unique combination of best friend, therapist and cheerleader. It might sound like a strange combination at first but when you’re having trouble in any aspect of your life you want someone who can listen carefully to your concerns (best friend), will offer a plan of action to relieve the stress (therapist), and will also encourage you that you CAN make positive changes in your life (cheerleader).

A Life Coach Can

Help in Your Home Life

Whether you’ve got a troublesome teen or a rocky relationship with your spouse, a life coach can help you improve your communication skills and, ultimately, your relationships. Role playing with a coach is a safe way to practice what you want to say to these people without being judged or blindsided by harsh responses. Even if things are good at home and in your marriage, it’s never too early to learn new or better communication skills to keep that healthy atmosphere alive.

Help with Setting Goals

We all like to daydream and we usually have grand ideas of what we’d like to accomplish in life. But sometimes these large dreams are overwhelming and we don’t know how to make these dreams a reality. Life coaches are skilled at seeing the “big picture” and breaking these large goals into smaller, more manageable goals, which all lead to the ultimate dream.

Offer Time Management Strategies

If you feel like you could use another 12 hours added to your busy day because your to-do list is a mile long, then you’re not working efficiently, whether you care for kids at home, work at home or work outside the home. Life coaches can help you prioritize your list and will identify why you’re not working efficiently. And if your coach wants a progress report from you, having that accountability partner will often spur you into changing your habits rather quickly.

Increase Your Self-Esteem

Doubting yourself on a regular basis can be stressful and also crippling. Serious doubts about your skills or decision making will hold you back in life and you won’t be capable of reaching for your dreams. A supportive and kind life coach will be encouraging and will offer new ideas of how you can take care of yourself first, which will ultimately increase your self-esteem. Sometimes having an objective cheerleader in your corner is enough to raise your mood and spur you to action.

Help You Cope with Life Changes

That word “change” often throws people into a tailspin, especially if they aren’t risk takers. But change doesn’t always have to be a bad thing or something scary. Life coaches are trained to offer support and also have coping strategies for handling stress during any big life change, such as divorce, starting a new business, or sending a child off to college.

As you can see, a life coach can help you in any aspect of your life. Having an objective third party to vent to or to run ideas by can be beneficial to anyone, no matter what your career, gender, age or economic status.

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