To achieve your Core Desires-whether they are earning more money, enjoying more intimacy, or having more joy in your life-you need to grow, become more, learn, and change. How fast you grow is within your control; you can experience great growth if you desire it. But you can't just sense a need to change; you can't "sorta" want to be more or have more. If you are willing to grow, life as you have known it will never be the same.

If you choose to grow, you accept the fact that you are not helpless or unable to create the happiness you want in your life. Neither are you limited in your options. What will limit your growth is the inability to identify accurately your Core Desires and unleash your Conquering Force.

Be willing to become all that is within you to become. Be willing to change, trust, risk, and create opportunities where none existed before.

1. Be willing to learn and grow.
If you are willing to learn and grow, you become more and have more. You will need to learn and grow in order to make the changes you desire in your circumstances.

2. Be open and honest with yourself and others.
Have past experiences made you fearful or closed? Do you play games with others? Are you totally honest with yourself? Finding your Core Desires is the place to start .To discover your 100s, you must be honest.

To initiate change, you must first accept that who you are and what you have today are largely consequences of the choices and decisions you have made. Instituting change requires that you make different choices now-and in the future. Acknowledge that you always have choices and that you control the choices you make. To make different decisions, you must change yourself-not just the things you do or say, but also what you have your heart set on.

Lasting, dynamic personal growth takes place within your heart. If you can change your heart, you can change your destiny. You may not experience immediate growth just because you accept a truth in your mind; you must also feel it in your heart. Only a Core Desire can cause you to take action on a truth you have mentally accepted. Saying, "I know I should do that," will not bring about change and
growth, but wanting it with all your heart will.

Your mind has the ability to learn and apply what it knows; your heart provides the reason to put the knowledge to work. The best way to change your heart is to replace falsehoods and incorrect paradigms with truths and correct paradigms that you feel strongly about-not just understand. Truths can set you free if you embrace them wholeheartedly. The more truths you learn and embrace, the freer you will become. Many of your obstacles will disappear, and you will overcome all others by using your Conquering Force. We choose if-and how-we grow. Our hearts and our minds are under our control, and we can access and mold them. No one else can do this for us. Our Core Desires and our commitment to truth are the chief sculptors of our lives.

People are like Thoroughbred horses in that they are of great value and capable of great speed. Yet they are often constrained by an invisible rope of their own creation. This invisible rope limits how far and how fast they can run. The rope is our wrong, limiting self-paradigm deep inside-made by poor choices that affect our decisions and activities. Until that rope is cut by a new decision, we are unable to run the race of life unfettered.

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