Since the beginning of time, men and women have used precious stones from bones, metal and crystals as body decoration, or to create talismans and amulets to attract positive forces and repel negative ones once.

Talismans and amulets were supposed to have the power to repel evil spirits or attract good ones. The difference between a talisman and an amulet is that a talisman works in a positive way, attracting the forces necessary to produce the effects that its owner desires. A talisman is prepared specifically for the person who is going to wear it, therefore talismans are very personal. They are basically magical objects that possess supernatural (hidden) powers. But an amulet has the most negative function of deactivating specific causes before they can produce an unwanted effect. Amulets can take the form of any object intended to bring luck or safeguard the well-being of its owner. They come in many different forms such as gemstones, pictures, rings, figurines, coins, etc. To some extent, both an amulet and a talisman achieve the same result: an amulet that protects against bad luck is, when you think about it, doing much the same thing as a talisman that sets out to gain good luck, keep you safe from harm, or find your true love.

Even now, numerous people from all walks of life have faith in the magical power of particular gems, metals, talismans, and amulets.

Take pearls, for example. These days, wearing pearls is believed to enrich one's inner charm and engender goodwill and serenity.

Gold is another example since ancient times gold has acquired the charm of all people. Gold is used to enrich the power of other gemstones. This is why it has always been a popular place for gemstones. Gold is also believed to attract prosperity and power, because the bearer of gold is considered to be robust and influential.

In ancient India, warriors had swords decorated with garnets, confident that this would bring them good fortune in combat. A garnet can also be used as a charm to enhance sensuality and sexuality. Also, diamonds are said to help release sexual tension and help the wearer attract the opposite sex. Other popular gems are sapphire and turquoise.

Sapphire has always been associated with upholding friendships and loyalty. And another belief is that it protects the user from capture. Turquoise is highly prized as a charm due to its supposed ability to change color when the wearer is in danger. Also in many cultures it is believed to bring good fortune.

You can use gemstones as charms, charms or basically as symbols of fashion. But for many people today, as in ancient times, they are not only chosen for their beauty, but also for the supposed advantages they bring to the user. Good luck!

Dion Daly is a certified hypnosis trainer, an expert NLP and TLT practitioner. He also has a BA in metaphysics.

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