I have just finished reading the excellent article, IF YOUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE, On the Moral Urgency of Climate Change, by Katherine Dean Moore in THE SUN, Dec. 2012.

A powerful statement about climate change and what we, as individuals could and should do if we are to save our planet for future generations. As a species we have not been doing that. We have allowed expediency, fear, anger and hopelessness to hold back our fight for what we know is right. I totally agree with all of what Katherine so powerfully says. ("We believe we can destroy our habitat without destroying ourselves. How could we be so tragically wrong." "The thought that we might be losing our songbirds, trading them for something we don't care about at all, like running shoes, makes me angry. And still, I drive to the store and buy running shoes." Are we going to let it all slip away - All those billions of years it took to evolve the song in a frog's throat or the stripe in a lily because we're too busy?')

AND I believe there is a something more that is an essential piece that she has not mentioned - Evolution!.

We, as a species, are evolving as is the planet. Because evolution is slow and the current evolution is primarily energetic, it is hard to see, but it is nonetheless real and it is shaping the world that Katherine speaks and grieves about.

At one point in her article Katherine says: "We are at a critical point. We have a very narrow window of opportunity to get it right, and to get it right, we first have to imagine a new world, story by story."

I believe she has missed one very important story - the story of the current energetic evolution of the planet for if we believe that story and I do, then, we immediately shift from hopelessness and despair to hope and trust. We suddenly see the progress and the changes rather than the places that need to change. And, we focus on where we are going, rather than where we are.

I agree with Katherine's perception of our moral obligation to the future of planet earth and our children and grandchildren, but I disagree that we have a narrow window or all is lost.

We are in the midst of an evolutionary process that cannot be stopped, that is taking us to a whole new reality, to a future we cannot even imagine that exists in a dimension we can only dream of or see in our meditations. We are moving from the Third Dimension which is based on physical reality and verified and confirmed by our five senses..the reality that Katherine fears is being destroyed right before her eyes. And it IS disappearing, but not only because of neglect, inaction, or moral slack. We are moving into the Fifth Dimension where physicality no longer exists, where climate change is not an issue. Where what one thinks, manifests, where what one dreams, appears, where the polarity that so disturbs Katherine, the good vs. evil, peace vs. war, moral rectitude vs. non-caring greed simply doesn't exist. That is the new earth, the new reality that has been unfolding step by slow step since the Harmonic Convergence of the mid 80's through 12.21.12, the end of the Mayan Calendar and into the future of 2013 and beyond.

Can I offer you proof? No., but I trust it 100%. I have been feeling the effects of this shift and I have been guided in my understanding of that shift by a group of very powerful, insightful out of body beings or guides. I trust them implicitly. Their wisdom has guided my path for the past twenty years. It is their viewpoint that I present here (see my book on the subject, Multi-Dimensional YOU )

I applaud Katherine's commitment and her encouragement to the rest of us to walk our talk, follow our moral commitment and fight non-violently for what we believe, but I feel compelled to add this dimensional viewpoint; it opens, enriches and colors our world. It leads me to awaken others to the shifts that are occurring around them, to explore the subtle messages from the unseen realms, and to move forward with trust rather than fear of the future. I am not being an ostrich with my head in the sand, an air head with my head in the clouds, nor am I hard-hearted and unmoved by the destruction of our natural habitats and the extinction of many important species, but when I look energetically at the loss of those spaces and species, I remind myself of my belief that they decided they had completed their time on earth in physicality and were ready (as we will be in the future) to let go of physicality and function in the realms of faster frequencies without their physical suits of clothing.

Let us stand behind our beliefs AND let us recognize and share the truth of the energetic changes on the planet today as we become a new species in a multi-dimensional world.

Author's Bio: 

My reality extends beyond the world of the five senses to the unseen subtle worlds. I work with energy to effect the transformation and evolution of the planet and all beings on it. I call myself an 'Energy Worker' or 'Energeticist'. I allow my body to be used as a conduit for other dimensional energies, working through me to create balance and harmony in the all realms and I teach others about this work.

A global citizen, I travel extensively, following my inner guidance as to where to be, what to do and when to be there. I spend most of my time in America and Australia, focusing on projects that shift consciousness and initiate new paradigms.

In 1992, after twenty years of work as a career consultant and life planning coach, after years of study in holistic health and metaphysics, I discovered Energetics, or the study and use of multi-dimensional energies and their interplay with life an Earth. I now focus full time on that expanded reality and assist others to awaken to this reality.

I have recently become an author. I just released my first book, MULTI-DIMENSIONAL YOU, Exploring Energetic Evolution, and its companion workbook, YOUR MULTI-DIMENISONAL WORKBOOK, Exercises for Energetic Awakening. In it I share my personal journey to multi-dimensionality, to energy work and to a transforming world. From the third dimensional or physical perspective this process is referred to as enlightenment or ascension, from the energetic perspective, I see it as 'evolution'. I share my story in the hopes that it will make the changes easier and smoother for others.

I have spent my life committed to making the planet a more harmonious place. Whether as an exchange student, a community activist, as a research assistant to the anthropologist, Dr. Margaret Mead, or as a consultant, each step on my path, though seemingly disconnected, led me to the work I do now. Forty years ago, a psychic told me I would write a book. I laughed and thought, "Oh sure. What would I write about?" Today, that book is a reality and reveals the path that one seemingly traditional housewife, walked, a path that I believe many other folk will walk, to greater awareness and perceptivity, to multi-dimensionality, the gifts it offers, and the possible evolutionary path of all of humanity.