Emails are one of the simplest ways of keeping in contact with others in any domain. Comcast is one of the most popular email service providers, known for providing decent email services across the world. It offers its services under the brand name 'Xfinity'. To avail of the Comcast email services, the user must possess a valid Comcast email address and password. However, one thing that can still create a problem in accessing the account is incorrect Comcast email settings on the iPhone. If the users are looking for the procedure of how to configure Comcast email setting on iPhone then follow the below steps.

Steps to configure Comcast Email Setting on iPhone
User needs to follow the subsequent steps and set up an iOS mail app for Comcast email setting on iPhone devices:

Firstly, Open ‘Mail’ on your iPhone
Click on ‘Other’ and enter your Comcast credentials under the ‘New Account’ column and Tap on ‘Next’ and let the server verify the details
Now user should Enter the following IMAP (for incoming emails) and SMTP (for outgoing emails) details mentioned below:-
IMAP Server Settings
Comcast IMAP Server Name:
Comcast IMAP Port No: 993 (turn on the SSL security)
SMTP Server Settings
Comcast SMTP Server Name:
Comcast SMTP Port No: 587
Once you have logged in and entered the correct Comcast IMAP and SMTP details, you will be able to send/ receive and access their emails from anywhere. After performing the previous procedure, restart your iPhone device to access the Comcast mail account.

Advantages of Comcast Email settings
By adding Comcast email settings on your iPhone devices users will be succeeded by the following:
Users can easily access their emails from anywhere, at any time.
Users can send and receive large files easily.
Users will have double protection — anti-spam filters will reject unwanted emails without even letting you know it.
Users do not have to rely on personal computers to check new or old messages.

Comcast Customer Support
If the users are still facing any complications or have queries while executing the steps, users can easily contact at 888 515 4600. Comcast helpline is also available, wherein, customers can visit the help communities like messenger where the user can connect to a customer representative who is there to help 24/7, Facebook Twitter, and YouTube to surf more information and guidance related to your queries or users can also browse Reddit to get their problems resolved.

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