I have been compiling a quick list of practical tips to help you in the process of maintaining work-life balance as well as provide a tool to manage overwhelm.

You have probably heard of some of these before, but are you actually doing them? Probably not, right?
So, if this resonates for you, give it a try. You may even want to print this out and keep it near your computer to remind yourself that life balance is an everyday practice and focus. Not an end goal, but an everyday goal.

In the next weeks I will add to this list, but staying true to one of the basic premises is to start with just a few things at a time... make a new habit and see how it works for you.

1) Prioritize
Make a list of things you need to do today. If this list is already overwhelming in itself, you have got yourself focused in too many directions to create easy flow. If you want to fight your way through life, this would be the way to do that. However if you want to flow through life, you must shift your habits. (See retreats at the Sacred You Academy for more information on this)

Start to prioritize again, but this time take a deep cleansing breath, know that you are not alone and that the entire Universe wants to support you.

Once you have your list of tasks for today, it's time to find your balance. Feel into your body for which things are calling you to focus on right now. Bring your focus only to one or two things that are needed in the next 10- 90 days. In other words, don't spend time with your focus on worrying about how you are ever going to get it all done with everything you have to do when you can't seem to even get started.

2) Start with the first logical step, and then the second...
Many of us try to do too much and that's where we defeat ourselves through becoming overwhelmed or worse, we make ourselves sick. Once you have your top priorities, work on the next logical step in that direction. Once that is completed you move on the the second.

Sometimes I even set a timer to help me stay focused for a set amount of time. Many of us have a tendency to let one thing lead into another and then another and another - until I have all these balls up in the air and nothing gets completely done. Whew!

3) Schedule Downtime
It's easy to fall into the common misconception that your calendar is purely for appointments. It is important that you also add planned activities just for yourself, friends and family. The balance is easier to see on a calendar and if you are lacking in something in your daily experience, you will clearly see it and can schedule more fun into your life.

There is a bonus in this practice besides the obvious. You are generating energy and rejuvenation just by scheduling that time for yourself. Each time you see it on your calendar, it gives you things to look forward to! Unless is doesn't, - and then you need to get clear on a whole different topic! Check out the tools in the Portal to Your Life's Purpose for support in personal life alignment.

Scheduling downtime actually helps you manage your life better because once you are refreshed, you won't believe how much more clear headed you will be and how much more you will accomplish in less time.

One of my favorite deep healing practices is to take long baths... Water is healing to the soul. I especially love adding scented Epsom salts to the water and lighting candles. Once I have the candles lit, I start to play with the energy and focus on the flame. I intend for the flame to steady and lengthen. It is pretty amazing that as I begin to quiet my mind and steady my focus, the constrictions that I have held in my body begin to relax and lengthen as well.

Pretty cool eh? What are your favorite deep healing practices?

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Barbara Alexander is President and Founder of The Sacred You Academy - a magical place where women have come for years to gain insight about their inner lives and seek a greater awareness of their hearts' true calling. Barbara serves as their mentor and guide as her retreat participants go through their individual journeys towards true happiness, joy and inner peace.

Barbara has worked with over a thousand people in the Epona Ridge Retreat programs, teaching transformational techniques that shift core energy awareness and life experience.
After many years of a successful career as a business executive, Barbara has dedicated her personal and professional life to mentoring women and men, in building their life as well as their business with a stronger foundation for wellbeing and personal fulfillment.
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