Positive thinking is not always easy, especially when times are tough. Poor health, loss of employment, family problems these are all very real problems for many people that can make you feel anything but positive. Here is a great way to provide an instant boost to your positivity. However it does require some preparation so I suggest you read this and take some action on these suggested positive thinking techniques now so that you can implement it in the future.

It is a very simple idea but extremely effective. Read, read and read. There are thousands of great books out there and some are really inspiring and are full of great ideas, thoughts and philosophies. You can read whatever books you find useful although for positivity of course there are some great self-help/personal development books about so read whatever you fancy.

You can sometimes read a book and it is as though certain phrases are literally jumping off the page, as if they were written just for you, and can feel so relevant.

When you come across these inspiring words and phrases simply tag that page for future reference. Then at a later point write down in a separate small notebook that special phrase.

In some books you will come away with dozens of phrases, other books might only have one or two. Over time you are producing your own book of inspiring phrases that are special and highly relevant to you. Whenever you are feeling down or negative you can pull out that special notebook, open it to any page, and know that when you close it you will feel inspired and re-invigorated. You could also make reading your notebook for 5 minutes a day a part of your routine as a way to keep you motivated and positive each day.

The sooner you start using these positive thinking exercises the sooner you will be able to make use of the book of positivity that you will have created. Sounds simple and may take some time to do but don't write this idea off. It realy is a great resource to have available and you will thank yourself in the future for doing this.

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