As someone who has always enjoyed listening to lyricists and conscious rappers rather than mainstream hip hop artists, I was enthralled to discover Billy Carson and his “Pantheon of Musical Gods”, Pantheon Elite Records, has been reaching more listeners. It turns out that their song “False Flagging” from Donny Arcade’s album which is co-written by Billy Carson has ranked #86 TOP 100 INDEPENDENT CHART and #37 OFFICIAL MUSIC CHARTS.

While music is in and of itself magical - the production of art through soundwaves - it becomes that much more powerful and meaningful when there is the positive motivation behind it. Unlike mainstream artists who make music that sounds good but generally has little to no meaning behind the lyrics, (arguably, lyrics that are in fact degenerative and harmful to listen to for the individual’s psyche), conscious music artists create their music with the sole purpose of helping the listener grow and develop their mind by considering new thoughts and ideas that they might have never been exposed to before. Coupled with great soundtracks and awesome production, conscious music has the power to change a person’s outlook on life entirely.

Billy Carson has always been a seeker and spreader of truth and knowledge. When one considers his personal biography, one might argue that he has in fact dedicated his entire life to this pursuit. From studying ancient artifacts to secret space programs, Billy Carson wants as many people as possible to learn about topics which are generally forbidden in academic discussions. By exposing both the listeners of his music and the followers of his online community to ideas that they may have never considered before, he is in effect expanding individual consciousness, thus earning the Pantheon Elite Records the right to be considered a conscious music group.

When listening to some of Pantheon Elite Records’ hit songs such as ‘Carpe Diem’ and ‘False Flagging’’, one cannot help but feel the importance of the topics being discussed. Working in tandem with the music video, the songs are produced in a way to draw the listener in so that they are in a position to receive the full force of the message of the song. The idea behind conscious music, then, is for the listener to consider these messages for themselves and thus become more free and independent in their thinking.

While there is great potential for Pantheon Elite Records to grow, one must consider the demand for conscious music versus feel-good mainstream music. In recent years, trap music - which is the polar opposite of conscious music - has been growing in popularity, with millions of listeners every single day. While there are some mainstream artists who attempt to address important social issues of the day such as Kendrick Lamar, Logic, Hopsin, and Eminem, there is definitely a void in the conscious music genre that needs to be filled.

The sharing of difficult truths and new ideas is one of the noblest pursuits an individual can take on. It is much easier to shrink back into the shadows or simply conform to the masses. For centuries past, those who were willing to discuss and addressed important issues were ridiculed, protested, demonstrated against, and even assassinated. In today’s world, it is easier than ever to simply indulge yourself with entertainment and believe whatever your parents and teachers tell you to believe. However, groups such as Pantheon Elite Records are a willing and able to challenge this by using the power of the internet to share their ideas and beliefs using a universally cherished and valued medium such as music.

As Billy Carson continues to sign new artists on with Pantheon Elite Records and they continue to produce high-quality conscious music, I believe the growth that we have begun to see will continue and eventually skyrocket.

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