Many of us dream of having our own business. Indeed, standing our enterprise makes us feel proud & renders self-actualization need. There are plentiful ideas haunting our minds to run the business. Engulfed with a lot of considerations helps you decide which business idea is going to be fruitful.

The saddest part is when not able to meet the finance for our startup. Every business has a different finance structure, so it's vital to research the best startup ideas that require less investment & meet your goal. Being inspired by Walt Disney, who started with little money and ends up with the most recognized brands globally, "Disney."

Start-Up Business Ideas

Now we are in 2021, the world of technology. People have immense opportunities with advanced tools & skills to start a business without high investment. If Walt Disney can do this in the mid 20 century when resources & opportunities were less, think about today's era.

Continue reading to know about his journey showering his entrepreneurial spirit with challenges, including money:

Brief About The Man Behind Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney was born in 1901 in Chicago. He played a pivotal role in World War I, where he drove an ambulance that he personalized with his own cartoon drawings. Then he worked as an advertising cartoonist in Kansas City, Missouri.

He decided to start his own business with his brother Roy. With less budget, the brothers set up a studio (borrowed some money for the setup) in their uncle's garage. You can also know the practical startup business ideas which demand fewer funds.

He introduced the first cartoon featuring a rabbit ( popular black-and-white Oswald). It was produced for Universal Studios. After 1928 the Universal Studios retained the rights for the character.

Walt Disney's Entrepreneurial Spirit

Walt Disney worked on the silent cartoon called Plane Crazy that had a new character-Mickey Mouse. With the invention of sound in Hollywood, he produced a second Mickey Mouse cartoon (with sound).

The first animated film produced by Disney was “Steamboat Willie,” released in 1928, featuring synchronized sound. Though it was a great international success, however, Walt and Roy still required cash to launch more animated films. So the brothers came up with an effective strategy to meet the financial needs- to use a Mickey Mouse's image, they licensed it for a fee.

After that, he launched his first colored short-animated film," Flowers and Trees," and won an Academy Award in 1932. Rather than focusing on short animated films, Disney had a future vision of feature-length films. He produced "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" in 1937 ( his first feature-length film). He did it when America faced depression and a tough time starting the businesses.


To raise business- efforts, determination & creativity are involved. The vision Walt Disney had was what made him successful. Despite the low budget & country's challenges, he nailed it. In today's time, you can easily find the best startup business ideas with zero or minimal investment. Perhaps, make sure empires are not built in a day.

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