I stood on the precipice overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The sky was grey and in only a moment’s time the grayish-white waves that were reflecting the color of the ominous sky, began to swell far above the land. One wave in particular was higher than the rest. It reminded of me of an arm reaching above one’s body. That’s what this wave was doing; reaching above the rest of its body.

Many of us were on the rock landing attached to the side of the grayish-white rock cliff. Our instincts for survival kicked into full gear. We started to climb the side of the mountain, using our bare hands and feet. We didn’t have the equipment of a mountain climber, but four of us made it over the hill. Before the wave hit terra firma, my partner, Colin Firth (the actor), my former roommate Ed and his girlfriend climbed over the peak to find a tunnel moving slightly downward towards our new home.

Colin and Ed walked ahead of me and the other woman. I overheard Colin telling Ed that he didn’t mind having to cut his pants during the summer months, but he was concerned that we might not be warm enough during the winter months.

The journey down the dark tunnel was completed and we stepped out from the gloomy space into a lush forest. We just came from a place that was varying shades of grayish-white. The tunnel then was dark and shadowy. Here in the new land, we were surrounded by the rich colors of nature. Life was springing in full force. It was as though Dorothy opened her front door after her house landed from its ride in the eye of the tornado. The black and white world of Kansas emerged into the bright and cheerful colors of Munchkinland.

The colors were captivating, but that didn’t stop us from noticing the dwelling we would call home. The trees guarded our residence, a large round-roofed structure made entirely of glass. This green house would provide enough to eat for the four of us all year round.

The four of us entered our sanctuary. We were the last four people on Earth. We had to start re-populating the planet. I never wanted children and I didn’t want to be the new Eve here, but I knew even at 43, I would have to contribute. Besides, I was already pregnant. I only hoped that I had a boy and that Ed and his girlfriend who were in their mid-twenties would have many girls. My thinking was that my son could be father to all the women’s children and I could stop with my one child.

This is where the dream ended.

I woke up thinking it was not a bad choice that my dream picked Colin Firth as my partner, probably due to the fact that I had just seen a movie with him in it right before I fell asleep. After ogling over Mr. Firth, I then wondered if this dream was about an impending apocalypse where my friends and I, would indeed have to repopulate the planet. This thought of impending planetary doom crossed my mind, since I do dream psychically. But after my initial thought I knew what this dream was about. To explain, I need to back up a little further and tell more of the story.

In a nutshell, for most of my life I have been trying to live the status quo. I was brought up in the “right” neighborhood. I went to the “right” university. I did the corporate thing and owned 30-odd suits. I had fun with my friends and socialized at the expensive restaurants and bars. On the outside I looked like I was having fun and in truth on a superficial level I was indeed having fun, but on the inside I always wanted to scream. All I ever wanted was to be happy. I even admitted that very fact to my ex-husband the first night we got together. True happiness always seemed to elude me.

During this part of my life I always felt I was climbing uphill without any help. I had no direction for what I truly wanted. I was just trying to make more money so I could buy more things. I may have had color in my home, but I had no purpose. My soul felt bland. So that part of my life was metaphorically various shades of grayish-white. Just like the first scene in my dream.

I then moved through my spiritual awakening in the midst of extreme adversity. Through many difficulties, however, I found happiness, real happiness, for the first time in my life. My soul wanted to jump for joy. I had purpose! A lot of emotional healing was accomplished during my newfound happiness stage.

I had seen the Light and now I knew what I had to do, but life was not finished teaching me. I had seen what happiness was. I had done the cleansing at the emotional level. Next it was time to deal with my spiritual healing. And boy was that a big old ass-kicker! (Sorry for the vulgarity, but that is exactly what it was).

I had to move through my shadow side, feeling every dark crevice that possibly existed. I had to integrate this dark side of my being that we all have into my Light side. Existence is a set of dualities in all things. We are both Light and Dark. That is our reality. Instead of suppressing our dark side as most of us do, we need to go through this integration to know true happiness. To fully accept this dark side is the step that baffles most of us while we are going through it, but at the end of that dark tunnel there is Light; hence why I saw the imagery of the dark tunnel in my dream. This represented the dark phase of my life. Coming out of the tunnel symbolized the end of living in the Dark. I was becoming Whole again, moving back to Spirit, where I wanted to be.

I had been getting clues of my revival since the day before. I had hosted a reiki share with a couple of students I taught the first level of reiki to a few days before. I wanted to give them some practice time. It was a lovely share and as it turned out I was the last one to be worked on. During my session I had a clear vision of Mother Mary. She and her friends were removing Christ from the cross. Almost the entire session I was focused on this image.

It was clear to me at the time what this image was saying to me. It wasn’t about the Biblical telling of Christ dying on the cross. It was about the metaphor of his old self dying and his new self, his spiritual self, emerging and being resurrected. The spirit world was trying to tell me that my old life was now complete and I would soon have my resurrection, as well. Hallelujah!

After everyone left, I spent time alone meditating, where my focused intention morphed into a shamanic journeying experience. In essence, I had another vision. I saw myself flying above where I could only see the tips of the large pine trees. They were surrounded by water. Again, my first reaction was to think that planetary doom was inevitable and the there would be some sort of tidal wave that would cover the Earth. I then moved through another dark tunnel when something interrupted my vision and I was awakened.

The dream later that night finished the story for me.

I had completed living in the dull grayish-white. I had completed moving through my dark shadowy painful side. Great floods symbolize rebirth as told in the Biblical story of Noah. The tale of his family and all the coupled animals repopulated the Earth. The planet was born anew. I was being born anew.

The series of visions was not just about me. On a larger scale our entire planet is moving through vibrational changes. We are all having our own versions of hell. That is part of the cleansing process.

There is so much turmoil, that people around the world are paying attention the Mayan prediction of planetary destruction in the year 2012. The apocalypse is coming! The truth of the matter is that the apocalypse is here upon us now. We are moving the through the stages we need to move through to clear out the old junk so that we can let the good stuff in. We are evolving.

Our evolution does not mean the destruction of the planet in the physical sense. In fact, the word apocalypse doesn’t actually mean what we have turned it into. Thanks to Dan Brown and his book, The Lost Symbol, I discovered and later confirmed that apocalypse was mistranslated from Greek. It doesn’t mean destruction in the way we think that it does. It does mean to reveal or revelation. The ancient Greek definition is about an unveiling of hidden truth, not about the total annihilation of the planet on a physical sense. There may be symbolic cleansing of the of the old ways of living that no longer are serving us, but this unveiling is about moving towards the Light and expressing our True Selves, remembering that we are of Source. Life in this reality was never meant to be an uphill struggle without any ‘equipment’ to help us along the way. We are meant to flourish and live life in a happy, peaceful manner, paying attention to our inner wisdom for guidance.

While there were many other minor messages in my dream, the bigger picture is what is most significant here. The dream ended in a lush forest with vibrant colors. This was the new Garden of Eden, where the world was starting anew. My dream pregnancy symbolized my own personal rebirth which was taking place. My hell was over. The blossoming of the new phase, my revelation, would now begin.

Dreams are not just unlived fantasies. They are messages from the Universe. We experience these altered states of reality to teach us. Every aspect of our dreams and visions are here to act as our guides, filled with metaphors and messages for us in this world. When we quiet our minds, opening them to all the possibilities we can see what these messages are trying to tell us.

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Thank you for reading and Namaste! (The Light in me recognizes the Light in you!)

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