As much as I love the holidays, there is something special and peaceful about the few days before they arrive. The quiet you feel just before all of the preparation begins and the visitors arrive. Before the anticipation of a meal well cooked and the welcomed sounds and smells of the holidays. It’s this time that I take to remind myself of the everyday things we can each do to be in the moment, aligned and thankful.

So as you are preparing for your festivities this week, whether it includes a large family dinner, visiting friends, watching football or up early shopping on Friday, here are four things that you can do to be present and enjoy every moment!

1. Love yourself. If you haven’t already, take the time this week to appreciate yourself. Just like the other relationships in your life that you hold dear, your relationship with your self requires nurturing as well! Put yourself at the top of your list and thank yourself for the wonderful person you are. You cannot share with the world what you don’t have for yourself. If gratitude lists are a part of your practice – make sure that you are on the list!

2. Live your life. The word “live” as a verb is an exciting declaration in that it reminds us that we are alive. It’s meanings; to be alive, to experience firsthand as in to live it up – to live with gusto is a reminder to live in the moment. Put away your to-do list for a few days and remember that living is something you do, not a task that you cross off!

3. Be excited. Be absolutely excited about life! Laugh out loud, often and hearty. Dance to the rhythm of your life and sing your lifesong! Your life is waiting for YOU! Be in joy!

4. Appreciate your value. Before you begin looking for that special gift at the right price. Take a moment to appreciate all of the areas in your life that are priceless such as your self, your family, your time, your health and so much more! Appreciating your value can expand your consciousness in so many ways.

As you experience the holiday don’t forget to love yourself, live your life, be excited and appreciate your value!

Wishing you plenty of love, laughter, food and a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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