Or, How to make an Abracadabra charm

The Abada Kedavera amulet (also known as the Abracadabra amulet, from which are derived the famous "magic words" that adorn or are spoken by practically all the magicians of the stage and the conjurer [note the missing k]) is world famous and famous everywhere (possibly everywhere). ). What it contains is a piece of parchment or paper folded in a triangle or square that has the word "abracadabra" printed or written on it, and each line below it removes one letter, down to the last line, which contains only the letter A.

I think I just gave part of the recipe to make an Abada Kedavera amulet in the previous paragraph. So, the rest of this recipe goes like this https://www.conelpapa.com

Gather some paper and a pen, preferably a dark color. Maroon is fine too.
On the larger sheet of paper, write the Abracadabra formula (given above).
Fold the paper containing the Formula until it is small enough to hold between your fingers.
Take the other sheets of paper and make a necklace or bracelet out of them.
Attach the Formula folding craft to the necklace or bracelet.
No charge or magic enchantments are needed, but you can use them if you want ...
Now you can use this charm to protect yourself from ills or diseases. NOTE BENE: YOU STILL NEED TO SEE A DOCTOR IF YOU ARE SICK !!!
Abracadabra amulets are very useful to prevent conflicts in the home and rid the homes of negative influences, such as bad words, bad talk, etc. In my experience, although other devices and methodologies can be considered "superstition", the art of witchcraft and divination (which includes Abada Kedavera amulets, runes, etc.) has been very effective in helping me and those around me. to cope with everyday ailments. I highly recommend other people to try these methods, but continue to do so only if they work. I also recommend that people reading this article avoid the illusion that "if it works now, it will work later" and to continue to test and refine their methods until a balance is struck, at which point they can use the methods on a regular basis. .

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