Every little being, particularly you and me – from the tiniest creature on earth is a precious gift from God. We sometimes tend to forget how we are blessed by abundant blessings of never-ending furnishes of the universe from trees to mountains, from infrastructure to roads. Everything is given to us to utilize and to make use for our daily needs and for our comfort. We should always keep in mind that all the things provided for us are fairly distributed. What we need to take note is how to make the most out of the given provisions to use to also contribute in the abundance of the universe.

Whenever we are troubled, we often think of ourselves not suited in taking control of our ways in our lives. We hardly see the things and opportunities spread before ourselves in order to make us moving and deal with the different problems that we encounter. We should become conscious of the ability of our minds that we can set ourselves in control over things especially to the things we need and desire. It is all about the determination and focusing on your goals to achieve everything that we need. We are provided with everything in this universe in order for us to continue to exist and utilize all given abundance which we are all given a right to make use of.

In this time, we hardly realize that we have been involuntarily mindful that we been using the abundance around us. We think of the superficial needs and the phony troubles that we encounter. What we do not know often is that we can deliberately make use of anything around us to achieve our goal because God has never planned for us to live in poverty. God, the author of the abundance which we are partaking never mean of making us hungry, and wanting more of what we think we do not have. It is for us to understand how to utilize all his precious gifts and not to beseech on things we think we cannot have.

We have to understand how to use the abundant feature, and products of the abundant universe. We have to always remember that nothing in this world is scarcely available. The reality is that we have to uncover all possible ways for us to utilize abundance of our surroundings by knowing what we need. The goal of our success is to achieve the simplest plan or preparation in order for us to receive abundant living.

We might think that it all sounds very easy to do this but we can start by living ourselves in a circle of positivity, happiness, and appreciation. The beauty it will bring to receive abundance start with simplicity and it will take short time for you to assume that your positive affirmation can result in a light manner of thoughts on how to keep living in abundance. Living in abundance does not mean material things. The way of living life in peace shall keep you abundant with the continuous provisions of life full or achievement and endless prosperity.

Author's Bio: 

Jill Magso is a member of the Silva Team and contributes to spreading enlightened ideas and sharing teachings about meditation practices. The Silva Method encompasses a variety of powerful exercises that take you deep into Alpha and Theta levels of the mind so that you can work within your subconscious as well as your conscious mind.