The Universe is abundant and all supply comes from the Divine. I, too, come from the Divine.

Abundance Consciousness

To have an abundance consciousness is to know that you are co-creating your reality with the Divine. You are always open to receiving all the good and love the Divine wants to give you. You believe you are worthy and deserving of receiving all that is of your highest good. You believe there is enough for everybody. The Divine is abundant and places no limits.

The Divine wants for you what you want for yourself and what you want for yourself, you want for others. You know that at any moment you can change your thoughts and therefore bring forward all that is good. The Universe always wants to give you what you want. What you seek is seeking you and what you are seeking is your divine right.

You know that the highest good comes from serving others. You serve others by being the best possible you, the most authentic and self-actualized you possible. You have an attitude of gratitude. You acknowledge all that you have in your life on a daily basis. As you do, your abundance and ability to attract your desires and manifest your goals will increase.

You know that your thoughts, feelings and actions are creating your reality. You always do your best to maintain the highest standards for yourself and others. Make wise choices, for today’s choices create your future. However, the power is always in the present moment. Love yourself as The Divine loves you and you can only have an Abundance Consciousness.

Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself and know that everything in this life has a purpose.

~ Elisabeth Kubler-Ross ~


What message did you receive regarding money as a child? Describe any sayings you heard, such as “money does not grow on trees.” Or describe any attitudes you noticed, like those of a parent who claimed to be the money manager of the home or how the other parent felt when they complained that they had no control over money.

Would you describe your family members as healthy and filled with vitality, or sickly and complaining of aliments?

What did you hear about work and career? Did your family enjoy their work life or did they do what they did because they felt they had to.

What did you learn about food and nourishment? Were you told to eat everything on your plate because others in the world were starving? Was too much food constantly available to you?

What did you observe about love and relationships?

How was sexuality viewed or expressed?

Did you experience much play time with friends and family? Was play encouraged?

What did you experience regarding spirituality?

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About Gina
Gina Rizzo lives in beautiful Vancouver, on Canada’s West Coast. She is a healing arts professional, a passionate motivator and a creative individual. This is in addition to publishing her first book, Inspired Desires: Live the Life You Choose.

After more than twenty years of study on the subject of well being, Gina felt a strong desire to share her knowledge and create a book that is easy and practical to use.

Gina inspires others through her no nonsense approach to achieving happiness and abundance. Her style is a blend of common sense and intuitive intelligence with easy to use concepts. She is passionate about expressing individuality and following your heart’s desires