AccountEdge To Quickbooks Migration

Here are some things you'll need to consider when converting from AccountEdge to Quickbooks Online:

Data Format - The data format is everything! AccountEdge and QBO both use different data formats. You can usually import QBO into AccountEdge, but it's not always the other way around.
Chart of Accounts - AccountEdge has its own chart of accounts and it's totally separate from QBO. You'll need to create your new QBO chart of accounts based on your old AccountEdge chart of accounts.
Customers and Vendors - Customers and vendors are usually the easiest to convert. You'll just need to match up the contact information between the two programs.
Invoices and Bills - Invoices and bills are a little more complicated. You'll need to make sure the item codes, descriptions, and quantities match up.
Payroll - Payroll is the trickiest part of the conversion. You'll need to make sure all of your employees are setup correctly in QBO (linked to the correct Quickbooks profiles), and all of your pay rates are set up correctly.
Reports - Reports are another tricky part of the conversion. You'll need to make sure that the report names, formats, and dates all match up between accounts.
Mailing Labels - If you're using mailing labels in AccountEdge, you'll need to find a Quickbooks Online equivalent.

It can be a daunting task for someone who isn't familiar with the different types of data formats used in AccountEdge and Quickbooks Online.

We know that changing accounting software is a big deal! We have been helping businesses with their QBO conversions for years now and we know what works and what doesn't work when it comes to migrating your accounting data.
How It Works? - AccountEdge To Quickbooks Online Conversion
The actual process is simple. You send us a backup of the AccountEdge/MYOB data file. We convert your data file to the required version of Quickbooks Online and email you the comparative reports to review.

Voila! You’re all set to use your QuickBooks online account with all the converted data.

We Guarantee Our Conversion Service!

Don't waste time converting your accounts manually, when you could be using our simple and affordable solution. Our team of certified accountants will help you every step of the way!

What we Convert
Chart of Accounts (We do custom mapping as well)
Customer Details
Supplier Details
Opening Account Balances
Aged Receivables
Aged Payables
Bank Transactions (Includes Invoice payments, Bill payments, and other Bank Transactions) (All Bank Transactions reconciled as it was done in AccountEdge)
Credit Card
Invoices and Credit Notes Detailed
Bills and Bill credit Detailed
All Manual Journals
Inactive Contacts/Accounts can be brought over on special request
The entire conversion and matching of Reports are done on ACCRUAL Basis.
We make our best attempt to give you the exact image of your AccountEdge data, however, due to the limitations of few fields which are different in AccountEdge and QBO, we might have to use some workarounds to bring the transactions.
Track Inventory
Classes / Job / Department
Purchase Orders and Sales Estimates
Fixed Asset
Expense Claims
Memorized Transactions
Payment Terms
Custom VAT Rates
Invoice Templates
Time Sheets
Repeating Invoices after the "Convert To" date
Deleted/Void Transactions
Allocation of Invoices or Bills against credit notes
Transaction lines with Nil Values
Sales Rep
Customer Jobs
Unreconciled Entry
We are specialist in converting core financial information and we try our best to bring the other non-financial information as well, however, because of the limitation of APIs of both software’s, we might not be able to get few fields

Chart of Accounts - Sub Accounts in AccountEdge are converted as Independent Accounts in QBO
Chart of Accounts - Inactive Accounts, if used in AccountEdge in the conversion period are turned as Active Accounts in QBO
Custom Sales Tax Rates are converted into standard Sales Tax Rate with "Tax Adjustment" entry as a separate line item in QBO
System Accounts like Retained Earnings, VAT control Account are used in QBO for their counterpart accounts in AccountEdge.
Rounding can be different in QBO and AccountEdge because of the data precision techniques used in both software.
In Purchase Bills - we don’t bring items or product in QBO.
Blank Bill reference Numbers and Invoice reference Numbers:- In case we find any invoice or bill without a number, we use a dummy number example for Bills:- Bill1, Bill2 and for Invoices - Inv1, Inv2.
Duplicate reference Number in bank transactions or invoices/bills:- In case we find duplicate reference numbers then we use transaction numbers instead of reference numbers or make the numbers unique by appending an extra character with a hyphen
Limitation of Reference number:- QBO have limitations of 20 characters for Reference number thus for the reference numbers more than 20 characters we have to trim them to 20 characters.

Historical Years of Conversion
We convert the full previous years to date. Get a complete mirror image of your financial data including previous years.
All transactions and payroll are setup so you can pick up where you left off.
Multi Currency
We bring over multi currency transactions in the same foreign currency at the same exchange rate as fed in the source software.
Customized Conversions
Just ask and we deliver. Data conversion can be customized depending on your requirement.
Timely Execution
We've done our best to make sure that we timely deliver converted data.
Constantly improving
We are always trying to improve the service we deliver to our customers.

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This transition allows businesses to continue managing their financial information efficiently in QuickBooks while ensuring a smooth transfer of their existing financial data.