Money is a vehicle, not a measurement of value. Today’s culture is plush with unprecedented comforts and luxuries. Yet, it seems the more material things we have the more we want. And it takes more and more money to get the good stuff, what we think is the good life. We need more to measure up. We need more to feel more. Or so we think. In our ‘money makes the world go around’ persuasion some revolve exquisitely on an autonomous axis, others spin out of control. I find it a paradox to explore.

The satisfaction that comes with true wealth is an inside job. We want our money to matter and we want our lives to matter more. We want to feel as good, if not better, inside as our life looks from the outside. It is absolutely within your power to use your wealth as a means to create a life of great enjoyment, usefulness and depth from the inside out.

So what is it we want? Really want? What is it that makes the human spirit sing like a free bird? I’ve asked hundreds of people this very question. Here’s their top ten:

1. To know and love myself.
2. To be healthy.
3. Live with intention and purpose.
4. To make a difference.
5. To love and be loved.
6. To feel connected.
7. To find my true calling.
8. To live a passionate life.
9. Peace of mind, feel free.
10. To feel complete, fulfilled.

Notice money didn’t make the top ten. In fact cash didn’t even make the top twenty. That’s why most of the marketing messages we’re exposed to day in and day out tie their offer to the promise of one of the above. Then we ‘buy’ into that promise expecting more ‘stuff’ or a better ‘outer’ will bring the promise into reality. And it does, for a moment or two. And then it doesn’t. And we’re still left feeling inadequate somehow.

We want something more than a bright shiny exterior…something we know from experience we can’t attain through wealth alone. We long for that elusive sense of belonging and connection. We want to feel profoundly wealthy from the inside out. We want the inner emotional harmony they once believed would be part and parcel of their affluent outer lifestyle. We want to become the ‘best possible’ version of themselves inside as well as outside. We want to feel as secure and comfortable inside as their substantial outside looks to others. We want to be of consequence and feel deep desire to express a better, fuller version of themselves in their luxury experience.

In order to get reconnected with your own sense of basic goodness and worth put yourself in positions where you can do some good. This experience will remind you of your goodness and competence as you appreciate your true value. Remember, what you appreciate, appreciates.

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