Many people start out their adult lives expecting to fulfill their dreams, their life purpose, expecting to be successful, to be balanced, happy and fulfilled, become wealthy, etc., but when they perceive that they may not reach their targets (perhaps an obstacle arises, perhaps they don’t succeed on their first try, perhaps they encounter rejection or criticism), their reaction may be the first step toward failure. More than likely, they haven’t been socialized to expect a certain amount of obstacles and failures along the way nor have they been taught how to respond to such circumstances and persevere. I certainly wasn’t. Many people then abandon their dreams, aim much lower, settle for a small life, yet they feel dissatisfied and unfulfilled. However, such obstacles and failures don’t stop people who go on to become successful (however they define it), wealthy, famous, etc. Those people learn from the experience, revise their actions accordingly and tried again and again until they succeeded to the degree they intended.

One of the myriad benefits of getting life purpose coaching and Money Mastery coaching is that the coach will help you to see the obstacles for what they are (not insurmountable, par for the course, opportunities to learn and grow, not a reflection of your self-worth, a normal part of life, and as opportunities to become creative and resourceful) and hold you accountable to pursue and fulfill the dreams or intentions you initially brought to your coach.

We have our dream or goal and we have a set of beliefs (including conscious or subconscious limiting beliefs) that it might not ever happen. The coexistence of the dream/goal and the limiting belief(s) is like driving with the parking brake on- the parking brake makes it extremely difficult to move forward much less achieve acceleration. It takes tremendous effort on the engine's part, consumes a tremendous amount of fuel in order to move forward AND it's highly stressful and will create damage to the engine and the parking brake. In this analogy, we can all see that it makes no sense to operate a car this way. Yet, many of us do attempt to operate our lives and our businesses this way and we wonder why we don't succeed, why we’re worn out, stressed out, or why we can't/don’t do everything needed to succeed. We wonder why our spiritual, personal, and economic growth is slow or difficult. So often it's a case of looking at only half of the equation (the doing half) and forgetting the other half: WHO/HOW you have to BE and what you must BELIEVE to succeed.
Something may inspire a person to take action on their dream, their life purpose, or their mission. Most likely, they do not have a full understanding of the Laws of Success and they may not be aware of or receptive to the changes and the personal and spiritual growth required to realize their dream. They may not be open to growth and change; this will show up as some form of resistance.

Their subconscious mind may manifest an obstacle to keep them from moving forward. This obstacle is perceived as a failure rather than as a challenge.

They may be unwilling to change or experience anything "new" - pre-requisites for moving forward. The growth and change necessary to move forward may be too threatening to their identity, too painful or scary, and a person may choose to stay "safe", to remain in the realm of what they've known and are comfortable with. This is known as one's comfort zone. Being willing to move out of one's comfort zone allows one to move forward into the growth and change necessary!

For any kind of change to occur, some sort of shift is necessary. Your beliefs control your perception of everything in your world, which in turn drives your behavior and creates your reality. If you want to change your results, you must change your beliefs AND shift your perception. Until you shift your perception and your beliefs, you will continue to make choices that keep you where you are. Without such a shift, you will likely feel defeated and give up on your dreams.

In theory, it's really simple, but in practice most people find it necessary to have the support and guidance of a coach, healer or other professional who will work with them to eliminate and replace the beliefs and establish new neural pathways in the brain for new behavior and habits. The power of belief is astounding. I encourage you to explore its mysteries for yourself and see what changes you truly do have the power to make. Want some help? I have powerful graceful tools to facilitate your transformation. Contact me:

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Kamila Harkavy is certified as a Money Coach, and as a Results Coach. She is also an NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, Ericksonian Hynotherpist, and an Advanced Theta Practitioner with additional Theta training in Manifesting and Abundance.

Her business is Money Mastery: Master your Inner Game of money; It’s the key to living the life you are meant to lead. She works with spirit-minded entrepreneurs who are doing well, but underearn relative to their merits and their potential, overspend, undersave, or are unfulfilled in their work or their lives. She works with them to earn what they’re worth doing work they love that fulfills their purpose.

She weaves quantum tools for accelerated change and Results Technologies into her coaching work. The work is very graceful yet quite powerful and effective. A highly motivated person can transform their beliefs; create new habits and big shifts in their life quite quickly. The NLP, Theta, and Hypnotherapy facilitate the rapid creation of new neural pathways for new beliefs and behaviors. When you are really open to the truth, when you have addressed incongruencies and obstacles, and you have clarity and focus, you can be, do, have, express, and fulfill whatever you want. Absolutely.

Money Mastery addresses:
• Personality Issues
• Emotional Issues
• Spiritual Issues
• Additionally, we address other things including limiting beliefs, cellular memory, stress, relaxation, tension, flow, and grace.

Money Mastery provides a highly accelerated path to more ease, more fulfillment, more fun, more abundance, and more flow and a highly accelerated path to the life YOU are meant to lead. See testimonials to success at

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