Mind control technically refers to the ability of using unethical methods in controlling or manipulating the wishes of another person. The manipulation may or may not be to the detriment of the person being controlled. However, mind control is not limited to above definition. One can also achieve complete personal mind control by engaging some principles. When you’re able to control what goes on in your mind, you can easily find yourself on the fast lane to success in life. Here are 3 easy steps you can follow in controlling your mind.

• Step 1 - Discover What is Limiting You
You have to discover what is actually limiting you in any way at all. In most cases, beliefs in various mysteries can be your greatest limits. Oftentimes, beliefs present themselves as assumptions which you grew up with. They may be the stuff you learnt from your parents or the popular cultural beliefs in your community. They do come with negative phrases such as “I can’t”, “That’s too hard”, “It’s impossible”, you can’t try that” etc. Such beliefs can actually place limitations on your mind especially when you want to swim against the current. You have to write down whatever it is that is limiting you and begin to think of how to deal with them in order to control your mind adequately.

• Step 2 - Reframe your limitations or beliefs with unlimited confident attitudes
When you must have located those limitations or beliefs, the next thing to do is to replace them with confident attitudes. You have to change all the negative phrases or attitudes with positive ones. From time to time, you have to speak to yourself in a motivational way. You have to write down the new positive attitudes or phrases and read them out regularly. As you go ahead to repeat them often, your mind will begin to align with them. Before too long, you’ll discover how successful you can be. The impossible will begin to look possible as your mind gets properly controlled and developed.

• Step 3 - Stand Against All Negative Thoughts
In the process of rewriting those limiting thoughts and beliefs, you’ll discover that negative thoughts will be creeping in trying to weigh you down. You have to shun them as soon as they occur. Never try to entertain any of the negative thoughts as that can make your journey to perfect mind control. One way to deal with negative thoughts is to speak out as soon they begin to creep in. If for instance you hear “that’s impossible”, all you need to do is to shout back by saying “Shut up! I’m well able, I can do all things”

Indeed, the above 3 steps can easily help you to achieve complete mind control. You have to know that practice makes perfect. You have to repeat the steps regularly in order to succeed. You can always exercise your mind by listening to motivational talks and videos. You can also read motivational books in order to realize better results in Mind Control.

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