Relaxation and achievement of the Alpha state are most beneficial for optimal health. There are many ways and reasons to achieve the alpha state of consciousness and many people pursue it and aspire to it even though they may call it something else. For instance the runner can reach an alpha state while running; he or she may feel like everything has stopped and become still, quiet, and peaceful. Someone else may arrive home from activity and sit in their favorite spot and listen to classical music until they feel relaxed and uplifted. And yet someone else may lie in the sun, or walk on the beach. However it is achieved, the therapeutic benefits are similar. When in the alpha state, one is lifted to a place inside where there is peace and order, where all is well and makes sense. When the human system is relaxed, the natural harmony in consciousness can take over, and the inner light can put things in place.

Meditation and hypnosis are closely linked in that they both facilitate the alpha state. The difference is that hypnosis is more directive in nature. With hypnosis certain methods are used to relax the subject, including mind, body, emotions, and spirit. These techniques involve mostly the use of the voice and specific suggestions, but also include the use of ambiance, soft colors, safe environment, and some props. Specifically sound is highly effective in the relaxation of the body, and the mind. The kind of sound is important, for sure, and rock and roll won’t do. Music that is at 60 MHz is often used as it tends to have the effect of slowing down the heart rate. I like to use soft music, and music that is quite neutral rather than directive, so that the subject is free to be the director of their own consciousness. Immediate relaxation can often be obtained from the pure sound emanating from the crystal bowls. Also, the use of different tones from bowls can be used for different desired goals.

Combining hypnosis with the playing of quartz crystal singing bowls both enhances, and shortens the process (called induction). The sound from quartz singing bowls is a very deep, pure, and grounded sound that seems to put people, often times, into an alpha state immediately.And the playing of the crystal singing bowls can be done alone, without the assistance of a hypnotherapist!

The Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls can be 'tuned' to different notes of the musical scale. A standard is to have seven bowls, tuned to C,D,E,F,G,A, and B. Each of these tones will sound different when they 'sing' and each is associated with a different Chakra of the human system, also totaling 7'. The first chakra is the 'Base’ chakra and is connected to the note, 'C', and the first note of the musical scale. Each chakra is associated with a different part of the human system, including the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental realms. For instance if a subject desires some hypnosis related to grief or loss, the heart chakra might be the chosen area to focus on. This would include the emotional hurt, the cardiovascular system, the heart organ, also the lungs and general chest area. The desired result would be the relaxation, healing, aligning, and opening of this part of the person.

So a combination of traditional hypnosis techniques, interspersed with the sound of the bowls would have the effect not only of bringing about the alpha state, but also focusing relief to the particular needs of the subject. Combining two bowls can be effective for addressing two parts of the person. For instance, the bowl for the crown chakra (associated with enlightenment, the higher self, inner light and the top of the head), could be used in combination with the heart chakra bowl to bring about a relief to the heart and an uplifting of the spirit. To learn more about the chakras and their relation to quartz crystal singing bowls or to purchase a bowl for your own use, go to

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Jesie Len Gallagher, BSW, CH, CI

Jesie has a broad-based background in the helping professions. She is a graduate of the University Of New Hampshire School Of Social Work, an accomplished professional astrologer of thirty years, a Certified Hypnotherapist, and an Alchemical Hypnotherapist and Trainer. Trained as well in emergency medicine, her education and experience blend to bring an intuitive and practical expertise to the art of facilitation, problem solving, and therapy.

Since beginning her practice in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1976 as an astrologer she has practiced in Champaign, Illinois, Naples, Florida, Myrtle Beach, SC, Maui, Hawaii, and now in Little River, South Carolina. Over the years she has taught Astrology and in 1997 began teaching Hypnotherapy Certification Courses. Her astrology columns have been published in various papers in Naples, Florida, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and Maui, Hawaii. You can reach her for astrology products and services on her astrology website,

Jesie's specialty lies in her unique blend of professional technique and intuitive approach. As a therapist and as a teacher she is able to bring about an atmosphere that is supportive, intuitive, yet extremely clear. Her practice now includes sound healing with crystal singing bowls. Her Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls can be purchased now on her new website,