There is no uncertainty that life is very little period of our life in which we contribute vigorous role and serve others is even smaller. Our semi age devotes in sleeping, eating, traveling so only half share of our trip is accessible to perform spiritual, national and domestic responsibilities. Since the beginning, human body experiences different modification. But our activities will remain similar. Their rationality and recompense will be similar in all phases of life. We will be adjudicated and hold answerable on the foundation of his movements, conduct and his behavior with others. God has sanctified human beings with intelligence and motive. So we have to use our attention and knowledge for the improvement of our domestic, neighbor, and wit other companions. Certainly, life offers many balances and occasions to us in order to lead a fruitful and passive life and donate for the healthy development of the society.
If we achieve good and moral performances and behave with others according to moral organization, we will not only conquest the hearts of others and mature society on the masts of morals but also we can achiever love and warmth of the Allah. After adorations and religious responsibilities of Islam like Namaz, Zakat, Fasting, Hajj and kind and just action with others will call eternal sanctifications and spiritual booties from God. Umrah Packages 2017 provide affordable and inexpensive fares and flights.
Movements of human beings depend on their opinions, intentions and concepts. Thinking or philosophy is rudimentary drive agent behind doings and manners. There is a well-known proverbs of the Holy prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) i.e. all movements are the result of the purpose. On the foundation of conscious purpose, actions will be mediated. Islam has powerfully underlined the position of good performances. Great events will make a person well-known and pious.
During the human history, Muslims have industrialized civilizations with their extraordinary and amazing facilities. They recognized numerous institutions for the welfare and betterment of the civilization. The facilities of the companions of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), the campaigning of Sufis and teachings of the Scholars through publishing various records, are the glaring representations in this regard.
They induced brilliance in the age of darkness. They impart people how to live peaceably and successfully with one another by keeping their variances an adjacent. They train people according to universal moral principles and ethics. With the help of these activities, one can easily accomplish immortality. Similarly, once the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said that when a human being leaves this temporary world, his all movements come to close, without three things i.e. lasting charity, constructive information and his pious and righteous decedents pray for him.
The above-mentioned words of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) appropriately imitates that with the help of selfless and lasting actions for the furtherance of the others, we can convert a mortal thing into unforgettable. Charity of ceaseless nature, helpful wisdom for others and standing progenies are finest thing among them. Henceforward, good activities and behaviors can help us in attaining position of everlastingness.

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