What is adrafinil?
Adrafinil is basically a eugeroic medicine which means a drug that is used to awaken your mind and stimulate your mental function. These drugs are also known as smart drugs in the broadest terms of categorization. Adrafinil olmifon along with awakening the mind has euphoric effect as well upon the senses and this euphoric effect produced by the wonder drug makes it an anti depression drug as well.
How does adrafinil works?
The medicine is primarily used as a prescription medicine for the treatment of a condition called narcolepsy, which causes excessive day time sleepiness in an individual making it difficult for the patient to carry out his/her daily activities effectively. Adrafinil by acting upon the central nervous system and stimulating the brain cells within, arouses the mind which then increases mental alertness and thereby enables the individual to stay awake and alert during day time.
This is especially helpful for people who are night time workers, truck drivers, doctors and nurses on night duty as well as individual who have to stay awake in the night for different reasons such as young nursing mothers, students, and certain ambitious professionals. Due to lack of proper night sleep or insufficient sleep these individuals suffer from a lack of energy, fatigue, drowsiness and excessive tiredness along with body aches.
Adrafinil olmifon benefits
Adrafinil by stimulating the mind, increases mental alertness and help these people with the much needed mental and physical energy to not only carry out their daily functions but also fights fatigue by providing mental and muscular relaxation. Adrafinil motivation thus produced enables a person to perform well both at work, studies or other areas of life.
However, if left on its own, such behaviour involving long term sleep deprivation can result in major sleeping disorders like narcoplepsy and clinical depression. Depression is very common among patient suffering from sleeping disorders. Clinical depression is a serious illness which requires proper medical treatment as if left untreated or ignored can amount to life threatening consequences such as seizures, strokes and even suicide by the sufferer.
Since Adrafinil olmifon treats sleeping disorder along with brightening the mood and producing the euphoric feelings of overall well being and enthusiasm without any adverse effects it is considered as an effective and better anti depressant drug and there is no other medicine stronger than adrafinil to act as an anti depressant and stimulant.
Adrafinil side effects
Being a nootropic substance, adrafinil has no major side effects or toxicity. Unlike other stimulants like caffeine and anti amphetomines, which no doubt increase mental alertness but affect other patterns of mind like sleep, sometimes even causing depression, Adrafinil stimulates only the areas of the brain where stimulation is required and that too for longer periods of time.
Olmifon Dosage
Recommended dose of adrafinil olmifon as an anti depressant drug is 2 to 4 300 mg tablets per day to brighten mood and increase mental alertness.

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