Affirmations you can use (Choose one each day and repeat it to yourself that day. From time to time, read the list to yourself):

1. I know I can see clearly without eyeglasses.
2. I see more clearly when I'm relaxed and centered.
3. I see clearly when I am here now.
4. I can have clear vision today. I can see clearly today.
5. I can notice clear vision today.
6. I do notice that I see more clearly every day.
7. I see more clearly than I did before.
8. My vision is improving now.
9. I choose clarity.
10. I see clarity coming.
11. I know what clarity is, and I experience it more and more each day.
12. I remember clarity, and I am returning to clarity.
13. Clarity is my natural state.
14. Clarity is what is true for me.
15. Clarity is freedom, and being real.
16. Clarity exists here and now.
17. My vision is clearing now.
18. I know I can see clearly now.
19. I see more clearly now.
20. My mind is reaching out and bringing to my awareness any information I need to experience clear vision.
21. I know that my experiences lead me to clear vision.
22. I accept new ways of thinking and seeing which are clearer for me.
23. My vision continues to clear as I adjust to my new state of consciousness.
24. I accept what I see, and I see more clearly.
25. Acceptance and love lead to clarity.
26. I'm letting myself be real, and watching my vision clear.
27. It's more and more comfortable to be myself, and see clearly..
28. I trust being real, and I see clearly.
29. When I do what I really want to do, something wonderful always happens
30. I am free!
31. As I clear my life, my vision clears.
32. Instead of problems, I see solutions. I see the way things can work.
33. I see that everything is working perfectly.
34. Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better.
35. It's easier and easier to see clearly.
36. I enjoy seeing clearly.
37. I love when I see clearly.
38. Today I choose to see the love.
39. Clearing my vision is easier than I thought.
40. I agree with these statements.
41. Affirmations always work!

...from Improve Your Vision (Findhorn Press), by Martin Brofman, Ph.D.

Author's Bio: 

Martin Brofman, PhD, author of Anything Can Be Healed, and Improve Your Vision, (Findhorn Press) developed the Body Mirror System of Healing and A Vision Workshop after having healed himself of terminal cancer in 1976. Brofman Foundation –