From Wuhan wet market to the upcoming Tokyo Olympics 2021, viruses hip-hop humans.

Mankind fights unseen foes, and things worsen when life-threatening factors sprout from life-saving substances. Some specialists corner steroids, life-saving drugs, to be the instigator of mucormycosis fungal infection.

Mucormycosis Fungal Infection legs in the virus fraternity to match-march and prey on humans.
Though several fungal diseases exist, none matches the deadly attributes of Black fungus.
Mucormycosis Infection is known as a black fungus which with covid symptoms, poses a life-threatening condition.

The impact is deadly if Mucormycosis symptoms in Covid-19 patients are observed.
deadly attributes of covid as it swipes away 2100 + lives of Indian within a month touching 150% mortality rate.

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What is Black Fungus

Mucormycosis is a rare infection,
Mucor moulds are found in vegetables, manure, plants and in rotting fruits, once human-mucor moulds are at transmittal proximity range, Mucormycosis fungal infects.

Consider not refrigerating veggies for a longer time.

Black Fungus abodes in air, soil and to your surprise, in nostrils too.

Mucormycosis impact is devastating, it doesn't spare diabetic patients and those with severe medical conditions like aids, HIV and cancer.

It adversely affects the sinuses, brain and lungs too.

Patients recovering from Covid-19 need to be on a preventive stance as reports confirm the presence of black fungus extreme elevates their condition. Also, the condition of Mucormycosis Infection is diagnosed to affect other severe medical conditions too.

Symptoms of Mucormycosis in Covid-19 patients is almost similar to covid-19 infection symptoms. Mucormycosis infection is more likely to target recovering covid patients, and severe covid infected patients.

Waist-tighten and rush towards the hospital if you observe any distressing signs of black fungus.

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Symptoms of Mucormycosis

Like Covid, Symptoms of Mucormycosis signs of its presence by altering normal body functions into conditions like -

Pulmonary Mucormycosis
Sinking respiratory symptoms, chest pain and pleural effusion.
Cough and/or fever
Chest pain with/without shortness of breath.
Lungs disorder

Rhinocerebral Mucormycosis - impacts
sinus & brain including nose channel blockade, nasal congestion, dark blood red nasal mucous discharge. Facial aspect -
Jaw locks with/without cheekbone pain, teeth loosening, facial full/partial numbness and swelling.

Painful blurred/overlapping visions.

Cutaneous Mucormycosis - Skin lesion, thrombin and necrosis

It is recommended to immediately inform the doctor in positive detection of mucormycosis covid-19 symptoms.

Gastrointestinal Mucormycosis-

  • Abdominal ache - Stomach and intestine infection
  • Nausea & vomiting
  • Gastrointestinal bleeding

How to test Black Fungus?
Diagnostic Centres need to assess themselves based on their medical history, symptoms, physical evaluation including their facility.
The test centre staff suspecting of having developed mucormycosis infection in lungs or sinuses may collect a sample for lab reporting.

Fluid sampling from the respiratory system

Tissue biopsy - tissue sample collected from the affected body area for lab rest.

CT scan - circumstantial based

It's not that the advent of the fatal virus is a one-time-face scenario, rather it's just the start. The best way of defence is to strengthen your immunity.

Know your defensive status, get full-body health checked.

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