Like everything on the planet, the mind has a frequency, and its frequency varies along with our states of consciousness. Humans have several levels of awareness, most of which are experienced when we are sleeping. When we are awake, we typically only think and participate in reality from one brain frequency. This frequency is known as beta.

Beta mind frequency is between 14 and 21 cycles per second. It is quite rapid and speeds up when we are stressed or distracted. This frequency is useful for normal awareness, but those who want to live deeper, more intuitive lives can do so by changing their thought frequency to what is known as the alpha level of mind.

Brain frequencies
brain frequencies
The alpha level of mind is a calmer, more soothing state than our normal brain level. It is the same frequency achieved by the brain when we are in REM sleep. REM sleep, or rapid eye movement, is accompanied by our most vivid and memorable dreams. In REM states, the mind is active and creating and we are experiencing other realities.

In the alpha state we are thinking at around 7 to 14 cycles per second. We feel relaxed, happy, content, and in control. Interestingly enough, the magnetic pulse of the Earth, known as the Schumann Resonance, while it varies geographically, averages about 7.8 Hz. This measurement lines up almost exactly with the brain frequency at alpha levels.

Check out the video of Laura Silva explaining how brain works

This may be why some experience increased levels of intuition in the alpha state, and feel as though they are more connected to the Earth and to life in general. In this mental state, we are more in tune with our bodies and our material surroundings, and that gives us a unique power: The power to participate in the creation of reality.

Visions, hopes, and thoughts which come from a more in-tune, relaxed being seem to immediately find manifestation in the material world. This works, especially, for those who use the alpha mind state to change their own lives or achieve certain goals. Because we are better able to communicate with and understand others when acting out this lower frequency, we are also more influential and this can change the kinds of opportunities that come our way.

There are many benefits to tapping into a different realm of thought and experience. Anyone can access the alpha level of mind through practice and meditation and listening to the alpha sound. There are also plenty of seminars online that can help you better understand the Silva Method for utilizing mind power and controlling the mental states. This may be just the tool you need to take control of your life and begin to experience greater happiness.

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