Some people say there are no viable alternatives to getting old, but I think it’s a matter of the mind. Today there is a philosophy that the new middle aged group are people in their fifties and sixties instead of in their forties.

I think it’s a matter of how you feel and how you act. Maybe some people in their seventies could be considered part f the new middle aged group.

It’s possible that with proper diet and exercise you could look and act twenty years younger than your chronological age indicates. What about all the natural supplements that are available that supposedly can make you look and feel younger. Then there are the drugs that can stop or delay or reverse illness. There are so many options.

Maybe staying young is a matter of having the right genes and the right parents and grandparents. How many of you have a grandparent that lived to around ninety? The truth is life is all too short to begin with. Talk is that within thirty to fifty years many people will be living to one hundred or one hundred and fifty.

I think the real question is how old do you want to be and how young do you want to feel while you are getting to your old age whatever that number is to be.

Have you ever considered asking the people you love and who love you if they feel you are old? You might be surprised at some of their reactions. Maybe you might want to consider changing how you handle certain aspects of your life. Maybe you might want to go on a diet and exercise routine that will aid you in looking and feeling younger.

It’s also possible that you’re happy with the way you look and feel right now. Many people believe that if you feel good about yourself you will look good.

I don’t profess to have all the answers on the various alternatives to getting older, but I’m convinced that how old you look and feel is up to you. Look at the alternatives.

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